Grandma Said (old poem)


Your Grand-daddy told you--

not to work on Sunday --

that it’s a sin.

My Grandma said to

find pleasure in all that I do

and nothing will be work.

Your Grand-daddy told you --

that God’s curse on Cain --

is the Black man’s bane.

My Grandma said to

judge each man for who he is

and not for what I see.

Your Grand-daddy told you--

that life is hard

and happiness is impossible to find.

My Grandma said to

chase my dreams because

it’s the chase, not the catch, that makes us happy.

Your Grand-daddy told you --

women take care of men --

answer their every need, it’s their job.

My Grandma said to

find a man who’ll respect me

for exactly who I am.

Your Grand-daddy told you --

to be a good boy -- obey the rules --

always do what you’re told.

My Grandma  said to

do what’s right -- if the rules don’t work

then fight to change them.

Your Grand-daddy told you --

his word was law --

and now he’s gone, so who do you listen to?

My Grandma said --

she’d be gone one day

but if I looked inside I’d always find my way.

My Grandma said there’d be men like you

who’d want me to be something I’m not.

Grandma said to stand my ground. . .

What did your Grand-daddy tell you to do?



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