On Blogging

I write something every day. What that is varies depending upon the day. Sometimes it’s poetry, or short stories; sometimes political commentary; sometimes letters of recommendation; sometimes reviews, or observations about American life and culture; sometimes just overheard conversations.

This blog routinely has the most readers, often passing 3-4000 reads per post. And I often don’t understand why. It is clear to me that people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common intellectually, educationally, politically, socially, musically, spiritually, emotionally, or even socio-economically read my blog regularly. And people with whom I am close read rarely. It’s odd to me.

Very odd.

So, why do you read here? What makes a blog successful? Why do you read Mel’s Madness and not Things That Bring Me Joy, or Cultural Salad? Could I include other content? What would draw readers in? How do I entice readers to view the other sites? Would posting at a different time of day, day of the week draw more readers? I have considered staggering posts to test these theories. Perhaps sharing posts more than once per day on social media (a tweet has a life expectancy of 24 minutes). Are people missing my postings because they are outside of the popular time frame? What do you do?

Why do readers read and not comment? Well, part of that is likely because I moderate comments, because I’ll not post hate. But 80-90 percent of the comments that are posted here are negative. Why do people read blogs knowing it will make them angry? Why not just find different blogs? Ones that publish other things? Why seek confrontation? And why do those who nod and cry, “hear, hear” while reading not comment? Why do they not “like” or share the blog?

The best compliment you can give a writer is to share his or her work. I often repost links to other people’s blogs on social media, at very least, I read and then like them, so my social media friends are exposed to other writers. So, please share this and other blogs you read.









2 thoughts on “On Blogging

  1. Mel – you have much to say and do so brilliantly in this blog. I don’t remember how – but somehow this particular blog (Mel’s Madness) shows up in my email box whenever you post, thus prompting me to go out to wordpress and give it a read. I clicked on your Cultural Salad blog link. I think it is broken (the link, not the blog). I would like to have a prompt for it. Could you add me to that subscription feature?

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