Just Stop It

My Internet connection is still sketch. Thank you, Comcast, $200 a month thrown away.

As I am frustrated with my Internet connection, other things about life online begin to annoy me.

I don’t click on many things from Facebook or Twitter anymore because I want to read the whole article—not a sentence, with pictures and a hundred ads. What is that? Have we, as a culture been dumbed down to the point that we cannot read more than one sentence at a time? Or, are we so materialistic that we require more advertisement than content? It is the same reason I stopped listening to the radio and watching TV. TV is particularly obnoxious making the advertisements louder than the content. So I am discriminating about what I click on on Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t spam my computer. Don’t hog my memory. What is that? By the time the ads load, I am so annoyed I have closed the page. Dear Internet spam advertiser, you are not getting your money’s worth, leave me alone. No matter how tempting, don’t take the bait… She reached out to rescue dog, the reaction will leave you in tears. It’s clickbait. All of it. It is a way to have advertising cookies dropped onto your computer. Stop it. Do you know how to clean cookies off of your machine? If the answer is no, you shouldn’t allow them on to your computer. Period.

Want to know what is sucking up your data every month? Advertisements, not content. So, stop it. Don’t buy in.

I don’t do many Facebook quizzes either. My Hippie name? Mel. It was my name during my active Hippie phase; it’s my name now. I am not a character in Game of Thrones, or Lord of the Rings, or Outlander…or anything else. My IQ is not going to be accurately tested by a 10-question survey online neither is yours. I am not any kind of cat. You can’t tell how old I am, how much education I have, who I was in a past life. So, just stop it.

And those Answer all these personal questions? Do you know what that is? It is an information gathering system for identity thieves. Hello? Where did you go to high school? What’s your mother’s last name? When is your birthday? Stop it, just stop it. If you read those questionnaires carefully, you will see this. Name the last four places you lived… That is a question when checking your credit report. So when someone hacks your life…

For God’s sake, get a grip!

And Pokémon Go—has access to your smartphone. Don’t be dumber than your phone. Who exactly are you giving access to to your contacts, pictures, and other personal data on your phone to? Who? And trespassing on other people’s property for a video game? This is not ok. People have been robbed, caused accidents! It is a video game! Welcome to real life, live it. And yes, I understand the concept of making people move—but this is wrong on too many levels. It’s one of those games sweeping the Internet, like Farmville – can ya help a girlfriend out? I need whatever….

If you need to walk around, you don’t need a video game engineered by the CIA to help you, just put one foot in front of the other. Just do it. And if you need to socialize, pick up the goddamned phone! You do know that is its primary function, right? To communicate with other humans. We are becoming Ready Player One.

And finally, stop dragging me into your causes. A picture or post here or there, fine. But 500 pictures of abused animals usually ends with me unfriending you. Same applies to food porn, one fantastic looking meal, ok I’m in…50 or 500, not so much.

And politics, god, politics. Social media skews our view of politics. Completely. My feed is filled with so many liberal posts that I could begin to think, hey, the whole world is liberal… But it’s not. The majority of the 500 people I am “friends” with on Facebook lean left. But that’s 500 out of 318 million, not a good sample size. And dear liberal friends, every time you post about, mention, respond to a post about Donald Trump, you are raising his numbers. How many clicks did Don get today? You are usually preaching to the choir on your social media page anyway. You are covertly encouraging him. Part of his popularity is due to the fact that liberals keep telling each other on Facebook and Twitter how awful he is.

Just. Stop. It.




2 thoughts on “Just Stop It

  1. Well said. Made me chuckle.

    However, in order to comment on the post, I had to log in with FB or Twitter or Google . . . just the kind of thing you were railing against. They keep trying to suck us in.



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