New Start

Life has been complicated for me in ways I am not going to share publicly. I have worked hard to remove negative, and in one instance IMG_1095despicable, people from my life. Funny how you don’t realize how much people take out of you until they are gone. I have quit two jobs and taken a full-time position I love, well mostly love. No job is perfect. But at this job I am surrounded by intelligent, caring individuals. It’s refreshing. Life affirming. Instead of teaching nine classes per semester, I teach three per quarter. Overall, it is slightly less 12313662_10206821759997317_7654226944702019537_nmoney–but I am concentrating on taking care of me and not everyone around me. It’s a good thing.


I have lost a parrot, Tubs, a 16-year-old lovebird.

2014-05-03 10.17.25

I gained a dog, at least for the present, Taz a 2-year-old bull mastiff, black lab mix.



Strider remains her contrary self.



Ryan is still chronicle-worthy. Ian has grown up and moved out. John still plays music regularly. I am still working to lose weight, write a book, garden, and read. I have done so many things since I last blogged–had a grandchild, been to concerts, museums, plays, read books, visited friends, family, bought a car. Had kids move out, move in. I’ve gained friends, lost a fIMG_0003riend or two — one who was never really my friend to begin with. I’ve felt love and betrayal — sometimes from the same person at the same time. IMG_0723


I have started a new blog to chronicle specific things; restaurants, movies, tv shows, museums, concerts, stage shows, books… you can read it here.

Anyway, I intend to post to both blogs and possibly add a photoblog.




Sorry I’ve been gone so long. 13307247_10208086904865148_7571779683383319188_n


8 thoughts on “New Start

  1. Hi Mel. It’s good to hear from you again. I enjoy your blogs/musings/FB posts because you have interesting perspectives. And, congratulations on the grandbaby!



  2. Hello, Mel! You have been on my mind a lot since we last communicated. Glad you’re alive & well.


    • She was very old in terms lovebird in captivity years. She had a long healthy life. The expect lifetime for a lovebird is 8years, she died of old age; and was healthy to the end!

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