Guest Blog: Sabra Bowers: Full Moon Circle

On the banks of a creek
under a canopy of trees
the mother-tree stood
wrapped in a labyrinth.
Ancient land –
still home to the Spirit
of the people of
the great Cherokee Nation.
We circled a crackling fire,
sang songs, drummed,
told our stories,
read our poems,
and shared our sacred objects.
Women…chosen sisters
bonding again
under the light of a full moon.

Sabra is a wonderful poet, she keeps a blog, Later, Miss Slater, go read! Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


9 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Sabra Bowers: Full Moon Circle

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  2. This is wonderful as always! There is a Willow tree on the bank of a creek near my house, and in the spring and summer I often go there to sit under it and meditate. I thought of this tree from the first line of the poem. As well, you brought together the connection of the Spirit of nature and the Spirit of sisterhood. Just beautiful!

    • Yvonne, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. You are lucky to have a Willow to meditate under. I think of the Willow as female, so she fits perfectly with the labyrinth and sisterhood. Later…

      • Yes, Kathy, it is important to honor our special memories and we’ve shared many special times. May we have years and years of memory making times in our future. Hugs.

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