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Periodically, I look closely at the statistics on my blog; how do people get here? What are they looking for? What are they reading? Who are they reading?

Without question, the post that garnered the most attention in a single day was The Objectification Gateway, with over 2000, 2032 to be exact. It is a feminist post. It makes me happy that so many people viewed it. Now, that’s not hits to the site on that day, but hits to the specific post. I’m a rock star…

When I look closely at the statistics, to gain some sort of perspective about what happens over time, things look a little different. The Objectification Gateway has only had three hits since. Of the five most popular posts, two were written by guest bloggers (Ed Cook’s Higher education and Supply and Demand, and Telaina Eriksen’s Revolution). Posts about hair, the c-word, and The Porches round out the top five.

Education, supply and demand is the Google search criterion that brings the most people to the site. While the most interesting search remains, “julie fears madness in the tomb should she wake early because,” “my birthday passed no one noticed my son announced he was going into the army my daughter never leaves her room and i can’t stop crying” would have to be a close second, I think. As I read what people have asked Google that directs them to my blog, I confess, I worry just a little bit.  Just a little. How do you find the blogs you read?

I read blogs, quite a few, actually. I don’t think I have googled my way to many of them. What do I read, you ask? You didn’t, but I am going to tell you anyway, and you should check some of them out.

Little Seal—I read anything Emily writes, anywhere it’s published.

My Name is Not Bob

Neil Gaiman

My Reality – Flights of Fancy

Amanda Sowards

Pat Hertzler

Veronica Roth Common Magic

Bolton Carley

Gerry Wilson The Writerly Life

Clifford Garstang

Maggie Duncan Unexpected Paths

My oldest son, Nick, keeps a very active blog at The Nerds Uncanny.

So, go read! Explore. Expand. Tell me what else you read.


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    • Yeah, there are lots of “Mel’s Madness” variation in the list. That makes me happy. The random stuff is so very random though…

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