Cycles, TV, and The Doctor

It seems like lifetimes have gone by since I last posted. Lifetimes. Sometimes there are lifetimes in single days. There have been lots of single days like that in the last couple of months. I’ve gotten no writing done.

But the fact is, I think about writing all the time. I teach writing, tutor writing, proof, edit, and format for people. But the actual writing part somehow always gets pushed to the back burner. Don’t get me wrong; I have ideas, so many, many ideas. Whole universes in my head.

But then…

Life intervenes. Bills to pay. Teaching to do (with a schedule that changes every five weeks, and takes adapting to–I’m learning). Grading. I have a full-time teaching gig these days. Organizing, car-pooling, babysitting, groceries, housecleaning, car maintenance, the occasional lunch with friends, repairing computers (Windows machines, obviously), and vacuum cleaners. Tending to animals, and planning my spring garden adventure (expect more about this). Trying to keep up with the whirring political season—who’s bullshitting who today. Trips to the ER, broken cars. Sleep—well, sleep is overrated.

By the time I get home from work, I’m weary. My brain seeks distraction from the hours of student interactions. And I sit, don’t even read, just sit. Sometimes I think, I should blog about this, or that. But I know I can’t. I know it would upset people in my life, kids, and their exes. Not that I care about exes—see there it is, I’d like to add something about current partners here, but can’t without upsetting the delicate balance in my life. But it’s stifling.

I have some TV shows that I like so I’v watched them… Warehouse 13: Really? REALLY? SyFy is going to do half seasons? What is that about? The next episode for this season doesn’t air until April? Fuck you, Syfy! I am going to have to re-watch the beginning of the season to keep it all straight… what the hell? And they missed a week in the first half of the season. Although the addition of Brent Spiner is great. Downton Abbey doesn’t kick in until January. Damn it—but I am excited about Shirley MacClaine. Midsomer Murders, I watched all that iTunes and Netflix have to offer, twelve seasons. I am missing 20+ episodes. MI5? I watched ‘em all. Sherlock and Being Human (the British version) too. I have now officially seen every episode of every Star Trek ever made. Black Books was good comic relief, so was The IT Crowd, and of course, Doc Martin.

I watched Doctor Who as a kid, in the 60’s, on PBS; yes, I was that geek. It was ok. I always thought the British actors were trying to be Shakespearean, trying too hard. Always so very serious, almost dour. I watched it in the 70’s, the Fourth Doctor, and thought it was sort of ostentatious. I liked it, but then, I too can be colorful, in a 70’s sort of way. The Doctor from the 80’s, the Fifth Doctor, seemed ,well, yuppyish. I have opinions, so, I hadn’t watched the new series; my life is too serious, I look for humor—escape—in books and television. But, Neil Gaiman is writing for the show now (the only better writer they could get would be Terry Pratchett). And my son Nick loves it, and so does my grandson, Ryan. We like similar things, so I figured what the hell, right? And so the Who-a-thon began. The Ninth Doctor was ok. He seemed like he was going for the opposite end of the spectrum, definitely not dour, but rather almost giddy. No, I’d say completely capricious. The show was good, albeit somewhat unnerving.

Ah, but the Tenth Doctor…

David Tennant. He does an amazing job balancing all of those expected giddy and dour moments; he throws in just enough emotion and apathy. He’s brilliant, just brilliant.I think, the Eleventh Doctor is going to have to work very hard to impress me more. I mean, I am sort of impressed that a TV show can still be producing new episodes after fifty years. Damned impressed. But the Eleventh Doctor better be at least as good as his predecessor. And then, of course, there’s Torchwood and I haven’t even looked at that yet.

Other than TV, there have been things going on. Kids. Kids’ exes. Grandkids. Homecoming. Teaching Ian to drive. Crazy-groupie-stalkers. I’ve learned a few things in the last week as well.

People with low blood pressure should not drink copious amounts of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is an herbal remedy for high blood pressure—and after six hours in the emergency room, I’m here to tell ya, it works. Blog to follow about the nurse-from-hell.

I also learned this week that the power steering unit in a vehicle is controlled by a belt, which sounds sort of old fashioned to me; the serpentine belt. And that sounds positively medieval. If this belt breaks, say at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, on the busiest road in town, while you’re in the passing lane you can still drive long enough to get your vehicle to safety—provided you are strong enough to turn the wheel without power steering. And I’m not. I managed to get almost, but not quite, into a parking lot. JL pulled the car all the way in. The tow truck driver just started it up and drove it onto the truck.

The fall is always a low time for me. Every year I say, not next year. Next year, I will write my way through it. But then I don’t. I stop writing in August and pick up in October. Every year. Strange. Maybe it has to do with the election season (which I have not wanted to write about, too much vitriol is already being spewed out there). I will be at The Porches this weekend with an old friend… I am working on a book that collects my lunchtime stories…

Let the writing begin.


7 thoughts on “Cycles, TV, and The Doctor

  1. Glad you are back, Mel. I work full time too and keep a home by myself, so I know how little time is left for writing. I can certainly relate to just wanting to sit. Best to you!

    • It is a sort of compulsion for me in the early fall. I remember an astrologer once telling me that “New Year” should relate to birthdays, because that’s when individuals are at their annual low. She went as far as to say that the reason we celebrate birthdays is to encourage people to keep on keeping on… I find in my life, the month before and after my birthday are my times of introversion…

  2. Hey Mel, you like all the shows I like, except maybe Warehouse 13 this last season. I think maybe they’ve bit the shark or jumpped over the hill or what ever the saying is. Maybe I’m just sick of them arguing over each other all the time and wish Claudia would just shut up some times and Myka would put a brush thru her hair for god’s sakes. Bring back HG and ditch Claudia!!!
    Really? Peppermint tea and low blood pressure? I have chronicly low blood pressure and drink it all the time. Maybe that’s why I get dizzy sometimes. Looking forward to the nurse from hell post. 🙂

    • So, based on my list, do you have suggestions? I’m still working my way through Doctor Who, but that won’t take me but so long. And I have mixed feelings about Torchwood.
      My predictions for Warehouse 13… (spoiler alert)…

      It has been left in such a way that 1. the world ends, show over. Not very likely, and I don’t expect that. 2. Artie HAS to use the Astrolabe in order to set right this latest wrong (like Lena could be brushed aside). So, Artie’s wound cannot be fatal (the stuff he breathed in is gonna get him anyway). Or someone else has to set things right by using the Astrolabe. That, of course, means that HG dies, and so does Mrs. Fredrick. I don’t know about Jinks–couldn’t they use the metronome anyway? 3. Brother Adrian and HG arrive in time to save everyone but Artie — they use the astrolabe and the good brother replaces Artie.

      I think the most likely scenario is that Artie uses the astrolabe again, and HG dies (because Jamie Murray has her own series now, and needs to be killed off). This makes me sad, but we’ll see.

      Dizzy, pfft! I passed out! my blood pressure went from 110/70 (low normal) to 80/50 (sort on the border of the nether world.

      You are home now, yes?

      • I’m home now, yes!

        Oh I don’t want to hear that…HG is about the only reason left to watch that silly show. You know, I figure they will justy go to a Xmas special and ignore the whole scenario…much like last season. And, if Data makes it into the cast then all bets are off…that’ll be it…hasta la vista baby.

        I’ve been watching Alphas, which I really love and Person of Interest, which I love too. Once Upon a Time has bit the shark, jumped over the rainbow, fallen down the wishing well, but Haven is still good. I’m bad though, I download the whole season…legal in Canada…and blast thru it. Oh, also liked Game of Thrones but very frustrating that it doesn’t follow the books.

  3. I’m low/normal now (too much weight), but normally low…now I understand why I would get sick after too much peppermint. Never had to do the ER route. So if/when my weight goes down, I’ll be cautious around the after dinner mints. Good to see you back in the saddle. It’s been a wild summer for most of us. Check out the new website…

  4. Glad you’re back! Can’t wait to see your new posts.

    I think I go through those longs periods where I have so many ideas but none of the ideas want to write themselves. I just learn to accept these times and just sit. Maybe that sounds counterproductive, but just sitting is really something. It’s like a recharge button, and everyone recharges every now and then.

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