Consumed by Creativity

I feel like my time at The Porches was well spent. It was, in its worst moments, a learning experience, and in its best awe-inspiring. Of course, being compared to David Sedaris helps to make a fulfilling writing retreat. A lot.

Housemates came and went. Electricity and running water came and went at the beginning of the week. The heat beyond the solid doors was unbearable. Trips to the outside were relegated to early morning hours, and slightly after sunset.

But the days were spent writing, and photographing, and editing, and cooking; consumed by creativity. I didn’t come away with lots of publishable work, but with so many ideas, directions to go, and so much energy.

So I came home and slept. A lot. I researched some places open for submissions, sent out some query letters. Organized some creative projects. I had submitted two pieces before I left The Porches, and now I must write some new pieces. I’ve been fairly visible online these days. Read them:

Country Sunday Drive

That Explains It

Revolution (scroll to June 7)

Shaping Stone

Tír na nÓg

On Yahoo Contributor, I have four essays:

Slippery Slope

 Voyager I (Yes, I know it’s ’69 and not ’68)

Educational Elitism

El Camino: It’s Not Just For Cowboys.

And two poems:



I have product reviews at


iPad Bluetooth Keyboard.

I have also had a piece reblogged by the amazing Amanda Sowards at The Catharine Chronicles.

There’s Always the C-Word.

I am working on having some photography published and have at least two guest blogs in the near future, stay tuned.

Oh! and I am planning my next trip to The Porches for October.


3 thoughts on “Consumed by Creativity

  1. Glad you made it through; you sound very productive and of course, creative. Bill and I, when we were traveling to Siberia from Moscow and then through Ukraine and all, and also when we lied in Ukraine, experienced water shutoffs and all manner of nonfunction. Somehow you get through; and you learn good to have a bucket of water available for all manner of use!

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