In anticipation of my trip to The Porches on Friday, I am busy organizing my things, things to be done at the house, shopping, setting up lesson plans for me 5 classes, and shopping and packing… So, this is what all the fuss is about.

Mel's Madness

Lost and Found

Write about a found object. That’s the next assignment in the MIT courseware program. I wonder if that means I have to go out and find an object? I’m seventy miles from home—too many miles from the familiar to wander around searching for things. The Porches, where I’m staying, is a writers’ retreat situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, in the small hamlet of Norwood.

On my fourth day here, the sky has clouded over. The leaves have turned over and the wind is picking up. The birds have stopped singing. The hummingbird no longer flits from honeysuckle to cedar. Tree frogs play herald for the weather as it moves across the mountains. It’s going to storm.

Thunder rumbles in the background. I find myself wondering if rainbows will follow the storm, like the double rainbow that painted the eastern sky the day I arrived…

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