What I’ll do on My Summer Vacation

My summer schedule began in earnest yesterday and I started it by oversleeping. Of course. For the next five weeks I will be teaching five courses. My schedule will drop to four classes for the following month. And then for one brief (and truly terrifying) week in August, I’ll have eight classes.

Just for a week.

In addition, I will be tutoring on Thursday afternoons throughout the course of the summer.

And I intend to keep up my writing.

This is going to take amazing time management skills, finesse even. The courses, in general, offer nothing completely new: three sections of Composition II, one upper level critical thinking/written analysis course, and a career orientation course. The most challenging part of this is the Comp II classes—each has a different set of objectives, requirements, and assignments. Yay.

My days will be very regimented. Up at 5, coffee and reading. By 5:30 I’ll be checking numbers, how many readers at WordPress? Yahoo!? How do I increase readership? Earn a penny? By 6:20, I am getting ready for work. Drinking more coffee, mentally sorting my day…

  • 7:45: agenda on the board.
  • 8 a.m. individual work/warm ups.
  • 8:30 lecture/introduce new concepts.
  • 9a.m. attendance, break.
  • 9:30 discussion…

And on it goes… In class: writing, watching YouTube videos, talking about the Wizard of Oz, APA formatting—no MLA allowed, how to pick topics, create a digital story, PowerPoint presentations, resumes.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, my workday ends by 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, are long with morning (8-1) and evening (6-10) classes. It’s too long a drive home between classes, so I stay in town. Faculty meetings Tuesdays, and tutoring Thursdays. I have Fridays “off” well, as off as possible. Anything I need to get done needs to happen on Friday. Saturday, I have a class from 9-12:30. The Midlothian Writers’ Workshop meets every other Saturday from 1-4 p.m.

And on the seventh day, I will rest; probably not, but it sounded good. Don’t judge me.

Because of this new schedule, my writing schedule will change. The majority of my writing time will happen on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. It is my intention to continue blogging, Yahoo!, guest blogging, and writing essays. I have something to say! In April I created an editorial calendar; a sort of map of my writing plans. I will have to redo that based on my schedule for the up-coming months.

There are many things on my plate besides teaching and writing. I will be away from home for nine days at The Porches with some amazing writers. Lots to do to get ready for that. Groceries, Office Max (ink), the chocolatier, the farmer’s market, laundry, packing, reading, critiquing, get classes covered, create hard copy lesson plans (something outside of my head for the sub to follow), pay bills, have the internet turned on, on my phone…

Clean out, wash, and pack my car.—Oh! Have the oil changed.

My goals for the summer include posting to my blog (here) five times a week, with a additional posts made by guest bloggers (interested? Click the link above, Be my Guest). I intend to do five or six guest blogs for friends (2 down, 4 to go), submit at least four pieces per week to Yahoo!, and submit essays to various journals.


Write a textbook on writing. A writers’ conference I want to do in August.

It’s a lot on my plate, so I need to sort out when I am doing what. I work better under pressure: deadlines, limited time, short notice. I thrive.

In the mean time, I have two books to read in the next ten days (that’s five days per book, doable) and a third book to read…soon. Ian and I are continuing to watch Star Trek: Enterprise. I need to write a whole post about that. I doubt we will finish the series before it’s time for my trip, but we’re trying.

While I’m busy with all that you should go read the things I’ve got up over at Yahoo, recommend the posts to friends, be my fan…


5 thoughts on “What I’ll do on My Summer Vacation

  1. Wow, Mel, what an incredibly busy schedule. My wife is a massive Star Trek fan and is threatening to go to a big convention with most of the SS Enterprise captains present in London this Autumn – as a Klingon Princess! I despair!

  2. Your schedule is filled with interesting, stimulating happening. They will create energy for you. How exciting. I look forward to reading about your summer, Mel.

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