The Starving Artist

It’s been a busy and productive week. I had four articles published at Yahoo!, and I have two more queued. My latest article has a typo in it, it says Apollo 11 launched in ’68, but it was ’69. I am being paid for these posts.  Ok, not much, but still. I am paid for hits to the articles – so go read them, read them from home, then again from work. Tell your friends, family, hell, tell your enemies. Go be my fan, I have one fan. I feel like the Baltimore Orioles.

This week has been the lull, the in-between for teaching. I only had one section to teach at one school. Ten hours, but only one section. Final grades for that will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Come Monday, I will have five courses to teach, at two different schools. Two courses I haven’t taught before – lots of prep work.

In addition to teaching, I began tutoring through the University this week. It’s been a while since I’ve done any tutoring. As some of you may remember, my former employers forbade it when I left my job. They threatened me with a non-compete agreement. I was harassed until I sought legal advice. And I wasn’t even planning to do any sort of tutoring. I knew what I’d signed. But, this tutoring does not compromise that agreement because it is through the university, with enrolled students.  So far, I have worked with two students. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed one-to-one work.

I have guest bloggers lined up into August—are you interested? I am always adding to the list. Guest blogs are on Wednesday, and an occasional Friday.

Oh! And I am officially an Amazon Affiliate, well almost. Amazon is “reviewing” my status.  So, once the links go up, if you click on my link to Amazon, I’ll get a percentage! So, if you shop Amazon…

And since I seem to be doing shameless self-promotion in this blog. You should sign up for Swagbucks. I use Swagbucks as my search engine, instead of Google. Randomly, I receive points that I then trade in for Amazon gift cards, $25 a month. If you sign up using my link, Swagbucks will credit my account with the same number of points you receive for any searches. If you do a lot of Internet searches, and shop through Amazon, it’s worth it. It’s two free books a month.

And while you’re out there searching, check out these writers: CatherineKhara House, Gail Kushner, Bolton Carley, and Veronica Roth. I have more, lots more.


3 thoughts on “The Starving Artist

  1. Wishing you all the happiness and success you can bear this summer and onwards !

    Enjoy the self promotion…living in rural Downeast Maine one is “out of the loop” for new and exciting places on the web for people we enjoy…this helps a lot. I love to see recommendations for writers…and have one…Gail Kushner…I enjoy included.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. Thank you! Downeast Maine, rural Virginia… It’s work to stay in touch with the world! I think, I am going to post like this every Saturday. Just referrals. Your blog has some beautiful poetry!

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