Busy Bee

I’ve been very busy over the last week or two. Taking pictures, writing, working on retreats, websites, teaching, tutoring…

I even planted a tiny garden! That’s growing! Ok, so I’ve only had to water it twice, the rain has nurtured it for me. The rain and good earth. But I did it. I lost one cilantro plant–but it was pretty puny when I put it in the ground.

I like the idea of gardening, nurturing. But as things grow, we lose control of them; it becomes harder and harder to shape and define them.

The pepper plants are growing tall–almost stately. But the sweet potato is spreading, creeping toward the lettuce and porch in an unruly sort of way.

But that same nurturing can create unruliness in other ways as well. I worked with a struggling student recently. He was struggling with grammatical rules. Three hours work and his score on the test grew by sixty-four points. Teaching makes good earth. And now he’s moved beyond my control.

I am working on a personal website (so when I’m famous it’ll all be in place already), but I am at a loss as to how I want it to look. I want it to look like this site, but what I’m using here isn’t an option there. So, readers, I’m looking for input–is it too busy? What does that empty block that says “home” need?

I’ve also been busy writing. A poem on Yahoo that I like a lot. It may be my favorite poem that I have ever written. Maybe it’s too new for me to say that. And I have another piece up at My Psychic Search. Everything we write and put out there moves quickly beyond our control — who sees it? What will they do with it? How will they interpret it? Will the sweet potato smother the lettuce?

Is it about the time of year? Everything around me is growing, expanding. The grass needs cutting twice a week. Babies everywhere in nature. I feel creative–in a Whitmanesque sort of way. It’s organic.

But will it fade come fall? I find myself pushing my creativity–but waiting for the other shoe to fall…


4 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. this is only a sideways answer…but if you are on a roll and want to keep your momentum going, just put together what seems right in the now, and you will change it later when you need to. in other words, see it as a work-in-progress. so maybe symbols of work-in-progress? just a thought. letting yourself not have the finalized version will keep the energy flowing– as we can all tell is the case, you writing machine you! (well, not actually like a machine, more venus and flowing, organic.)

  2. if it does fade come fall, it’s a natural thing. we start getting ready to lay dormant for the winter. to hibernate. to rest the seeds so that they are ready for the next spring and new growth. besides which, you’ll have knew students to nurture- or prune- come fall. you’ll get inspiration from somewhere!!!!

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