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As you may, or may not, have noticed, I am working on redesigning the site.  I’m working to make it crisper, sharper. More focused. At the top of the page there are menus.

Elsewhere Online, has a drop down menu. There you will find links to pieces I have published, as the title implies, elsewhere online. I usually post when I have a new piece go up somewhere, but if you miss that, the above menu will guide you. Yesterday, I had a piece published here. Go read it! Let me know what you think.

Reviews also has a drop down. Some of the links therein will guide you to categories within this site, while others take you to sites for which I have done writing.

Both of these menus will expand.

Currently, Be My Guest simply leads to a page inviting guest writers to query. It is my intention to expand this menu to include a list of guest bloggers. So to read Ed Cook’s posts, you would simply need to hover over the menu and then click on his name.

The PorchesAt some point, there will be a link to my personal URL (which is still very much under construction, and so a little messy), I am working on links to retreats I am organizing, my CV will be there, along with links to groups with whom I have affiliations. I’d like to get a chat, and possibly a forum going there. I’d like to make the experience between the two sites seamless. And then have them match my Facebook, my Author page, my LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. It just seems endless!

I had considered moving the blog to the other site, but have decided against that. In January 2011, I created this blog. It started out with three dedicated readers, and now has an average of 448 per post. My goal is 1000 dedicated readers per post – so tell your friends, tell your enemies! “Like” my Facebook Author page (there’s a button right here, scroll down and look to the right). If you read something here that you like, tell your friends, repost the link, tweet it!

Writers, myself included, are generally shy people. It’s hard to put one’s self out there; to speak from the heart. With passion. Every post invites rejection (and believe me writers get more than their share of that!). But those of us who want to publish in magazines and books blog. We depend on a consistent readership to help support the dream of a book on a shelf somewhere… A light at the end of the tunnel.

I often hear (read) that what I post is the high point of your day – a moment to laugh in the morning before you take on the world. That always strikes me as funny, because my readers are my high points, my light at the end of the tunnel.

So look to the right, click on “like” and go tell your friends! That way, when I get that book deal, you can say, I knew her when


10 thoughts on “See Above

  1. I must say I think you go out and confidently promote better than most. We are all shy and hate to ask/beg readers to come to us. I hope you hit that 1000 mark and teach me to do so along the way. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I think you do a pretty good job yourself. I don’t often comment on other blogs, but when I do I ALWAYS include a link back here 🙂 That has brought in quite a few readers…

  3. “I knew her when…”
    Hmmmm. She was awesome? Did that even stop? I think not.

    You are a blogging machine. Inspiring and Inspired. That’s you.

    • Thanks Julie. Isn’t it about time for you to do another poem for me? 🙂 I can post it on the WSH page and lots of folks will come read it…

      Did you read the story up at My Psychic Search? I think it’s something you’d like. 🙂

      • yes, i did like the post on “my psychic search”, though perhaps i hit the thumbs up! button in my mind only. i’m always drawn it to stories of the unexplained and unexplainable– i hear lots of them in the course of my day at work, though sadly, they too often have a sad outcome.

        i haven’t written any poems lately, seems i’ve had a more outward focus than inward. venus retrograde is good for the therapy business, i have been awfully busy at work lately! but before long, something will bubble up and i’ll be knocking at your blogging door.

  4. Look at you go Mel! The blog looks great and I love the elsewhere online link. (Might have to borrow that idea, although the magazines I have published in are often not available online.) Hmmm…how does one direct people to places like Mini Magazine, February 2012? I’ll try to link more of the content on my site with your content in the future. 🙂

    • They must have a website with back issues. I have lots of publications that are hard copy only, I haven’t worked that out yet.

      Cool! Are you signed up to do a guest blog for me?

      • Happy to. would you like to give me a topic? I’ll send you some essays. Off to Quebec June 13-18, off to England July…8th-ish to Sept…10th-ish.

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