I have been working on blog design today and stumbled upon this post from a year ago… enjoy!

Mel's Madness

I didn’t blog yesterday, but I wrote, or rather, I edited. I rewrote. Yeah. I have 10 of the 20pgs I need to have done next week. And I’ll do the other ten this weekend.

I had planned to start on Thursday night. I came in from work, about 8:30. Ian was cooking. I walked through the back door, computer in one hand, Mary Poppins bag in the other.

“Tell Ryan there are no dragons!”

“Well, ok?” I was a little confused by this request. I mean, I thought Ryan had outgrown this nonsense. He’s fourteen. And we had worked so hard on the denial of mythical creatures – and making sure your source information was sound; that you could back your research up.

I was immediately transported back to another conversation with Ryan years before…

“Of course there’s a Loch Ness monster!” Ryan had insisted.

It’s hard to argue…

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