The Ace Of Cups

A chalice of ambrosia

the nectar of the gods

sits cradled in a sea

of everlasting flowers

from it pours the sun

the attainment of desire.

The flowers, they are earth and I

the sun, as always, god and heaven

and through the golden grail–we touch

become one.


8 thoughts on “The Ace Of Cups

  1. ahhhh! nibbled and enjoyed.

    had a dream last night that this girl came over to me and asked me about an old poem i’d written that she liked. funny thing is, not sure it is a poem that i wrote in waking life, though in dreamtime i was quite familiar with it.

    • I’ve had that happen. I write the most amazing things in my sleep. Sadly, when I wake up, I can’t quite capture it.

  2. Lovely images. I loved the image of the connection to the Divine through the gift of the chalice. So serendipitous. I used the Ace of Cups to close my recent WIP about a card-reader.

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