Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?

It’s been one of those sorts of mornings. I know you know what I mean. A little of this, a little of that. I am adjusting my Internet presence—my platform. And I guess it’s a necessary thing to do, it just seems tedious.

So what have I done? I made a “Like” page on Facebook. You should go like me, here. That’s a creepy thing. It’s sort of like team-picking in ninth grade gym. Do you like me? Pick me! It’s tough on the ego. A Facebook Like page feels sort of narcissistic—well not sort of at all; that’s how it feels. Smarmy. But I did it, so damn it, go like me!

I also played with my website. Did you know I have a website? Well, I do. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it yet. I mean, other than link it to my Like page—and they both will connect you to my blog. But you’re already here if you are reading this, right?

It’s crazy. I did find a handy plug-in for my website. It’s a blog roll app.  If you have a blog, go and add it! Cool stuff.

The website also connects to The Midlothian Writer’s Workshop site—and from there to the private group Moodle page (that I also played with this morning). I plan to connect the MNINB blog to the site as well (I updated my bio for this site). I’ll probably set up an assignments page for students from at least one school. Thankfully, of the three here, I only do major work on the Moodle page. I will add a link to The Porches too, and a second link to my review after my stay there a year ago.

By the time I stopped for a break, I was wondering if any of this counted as writing. Does it? It’s being creative, right? So it should count. I found myself singing an old Waylon Jennings song in my head:

Are you sure Hank Done It This Way? – only I changed it from Hank to Will (you know Shakespeare). I figured I could use this poetic license because Hank Williams is the Shakespeare of country music.

Anyway, go add your blog to the awesome blog roll, if you’re an MWW-er check out the work Jeff Arrowood is doing on the site, and tell him you’d like your blog featured there. Sign into the Moodle group, critique the work posted, post your own! If you’re a MNINB-er, I am open to suggestions as to how to feature this group on my burgeoning site. If you’d like to be involved with any of these things, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

If you’re one of my students, go do your homework; everyone has workshop this week.


3 thoughts on “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?

  1. A few years ago I freaked out and decided that I needed a CMNS degree because I didn’t have the info I wanted and couldn’t get the street creds I wanted thru my BSc. OK, in truth I told my son that I bet I could get a degree before he did and he called me on it. But I love the whole experience of being a “mature” student, and especially loved working with Moodle. What a fantastic system. Now my little one is using Moodle in her uni work and I’m back on it…so to speak. Anyway, I do write you some drivel…Can’t get the link to your blog roll or your link to MWW to work. If you like then please add my website to your blogroll; I’m about to revamp mine in your favour.

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