Saturday Morning.

The Sox are in last

S’ok the Yankees aren’t in first.

Baltimore is.


Can’t process that.


Money’s tight

Money’s always tight.

CNN says a penthouse in NYC sold for 90m




Old computer’s dead.

New computer up and running.

Still installing stuff.


The Genius said that something

I installed might have caused Old Mac’s death.

I’m anxious about installing anything.




The Sims 3—because

Well, because.

No graphics software.

This makes me sad.

That is the only software

I was using more frequently.

Damn it.


I started blogging after reading Emily Rapp’s Blog

Little Seal

Who was I to have writer’s block?

Her son Ronan has Tay Sachs

Her blog posts are decreasing

Longer gaps.

More tears

Fewer words.


Headlines continue

About a girl

Flesh-eating bacteria.


Shopping to do.

Papers to grade.

Bills to mail.

Remember to breathe.