Interview, the Thought Process, MNINB Day 25.

I’ve been thinking about this interview thing (day 25 MNINB Platform Challenge)… a lot actually. Probably over-thinking it. What’s the purpose of the interview exercise? Is it to expose writers to the process — or to get someone, with some notoriety, onto your blog, and thus radically expand your audience?

Or is it somewhere in between?

If it’s the former, then interviewing someone here is just fine. If it’s the latter, then it requires more work, more courage. More patience.

My instinct is to interview a writer — but that’s sort of, you know, staying inside the box. And I think the purpose of the Challenge is to push beyond my comfort zone — get outside the box. If all I am writing about is writing, what purpose does that serve? Does it serve to widen my audience? Or am I targeting the same small population — and does that render the whole exercise…futile?

So, then I started thinking about (and looking back at) the things about which I write…

The Red Sox… It probably wouldn’t be wise for me to interview the current coach, or anyone on the pitching staff — unless y’all will have to take up a collection for bail. So scratch that.

Ireland… Too broad, too vague.

The insanity of my family. Too specific.

I write a lot about students, and teaching, and our education system. And how it’s broken. And I thought, there’s a good place to go… Something to think about. I mean, I have ideas about this, strong opinions. If I won the lottery, one of the first things I would do is open a private school at Belmead.

But who to interview?

And then I thought, well, we all fancy ourselves well-versed on education, so I could talk to anyone! I could do a series of interviews. Work myself up to talking to the Secretary of Education (Arne Duncan). I could interview parents, elementary school teachers, middle, high school, college professors, administrators… employers! The possibilities seem endless. But they’re interviews that would mean something, make a difference. If enough of a survey is done, maybe a picture could be built of what people in the field (and outside of it) think are the successes and failures of the system…

So, because I am a wuss, I am starting small – with people I know parents, and teachers. By the time you read this, I will have formulated my questions and sent out a plethora of query emails, and of course bought lottery tickets (don’t judge me! When I open my school and turn the American education system around it’ll all be worth it!).

Wish me luck. And if you’re interested in being interviewed/surveyed send an email to missmel58 (at) gmail (dot) com.


2 thoughts on “Interview, the Thought Process, MNINB Day 25.

  1. Mmm… your process and ideas are interesting. I hope it goes well for you.

    I am interviewing an author friend since my blog is not all about writing. I am going to have to complete the interview when life becomes a bit less hectic.

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