Day 12, A Call to Action

I have recently read several articles for and about women. Obviously, Ashley Judd’s amazing essay response to the media. Read it! Another I read (that I can’t find now, damn it! If you posted it, please send me the link.) talked about women letting go of everything that is important to them in the course of a relationship. Hmm, I thought, not me.

When I moved to Virginia, twenty-six years ago, in addition to writing, I played the mandolin and I took photographs almost every day. My stereo was turned on every morning before I poured my first cup of coffee. I had thousands of records, thousands more cassettes. Music filled my every waking moment.

But things change.

JL is a consummate musician—he can play anything with strings. Ian is following quickly in his footsteps. They’re naturals, musical geniuses. My struggles to play the mandolin seemed…awkward, inept. I picked out chords, while they embodied the music they played—they don’t play music—they are music while they play an instrument. And so, I stopped playing. I don’t think I even brought my mandolin here. I let it go before I moved in. I turned the stereo off, listening only in my car. Someone is always playing something here. It’s not always what I want to listen to, but it’s here, permeating the house. I have only recently begun to employ headphones when I feel like listening to something different, and more recently than that, turning on iTunes when JL leaves the house and Ian is tucked away in his room. Our musical tastes overlap, but sometimes I just want to hear Jimmy Buffett or Bruce Springsteen, or some Irish folk music…

And now I do.

And photography. I used to stop along the roadside and photograph scenes that looked interesting to me. I carried my old Pentax 1000 everywhere I went. I don’t remember when I stopped doing that. But I did. JL develops his own prints… Somehow, I seemed–felt–inadequate and just stopped taking photographs. I stopped seeing the art in the world around me… And that wasn’t good for me either.

Over the weekend, I was playing in Photobooth and took a photo of Strider and me. I posted it on Facebook and was stunned by the “likes” it got.

I received emails… I take good pictures! So, to celebrate that I have begun a photography project;  a 365 project (a picture a day). I am posting shots on my Facebook page and mirroring them at the 365 Project. Go look at them, comment, and help me reconnect with the art that I see all around me…


2 thoughts on “Day 12, A Call to Action

  1. Love this ! I also live with a musician. Music is constant and vibrant, but it smothers me from making my own. I’ve had to take up writing just so I can hear myself. 🙂

    The links you might be looking for are and

    And I can’t see Strider well enough to tell what kind of bird he is (he looks like Pepperberg’s Alex). Great shot of the two of you!

    • Strider is akin to Pepperberg’s Alex (who was SUCH an amazing bird! Did you read The Alex Studies?). Alex was a Congo African Grey, Strider (who we found out was a she-parrot after we named her) is a Timneh African Grey, they’re cousins.

      And thank you!

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