Ed Cook: I have Changed Careers…I think.

Well if you have been reading my contributions to Mel’s Madness for the last 9 months or so you would have gleaned that I was out of work for that entire time.  It was 15 Bliss-filled months to be exact, with a one month interlude in November 2011.  Well I am THRILLED to report that as of Monday February 13, I have started a new job and I think I am changing careers.  Through it all I have been teaching a number of Business courses at the University of Massachusetts Boston since 1992.  I have mentioned that I thoroughly enjoy teaching and getting to know and see the students grow.

I have applied for nearly 300 jobs, I know because you have to keep track for State Unemployment Insurance purposes.  All but three of them have been for some variety of Purchasing, or Supply Chain jobs or Consulting in that field.  I have been doing it in two industries for 20+ years and have several Certifications, so I do know of what I speak.  But no one hired me.  I had well over 30 interviews, which people tell me is good.  Some on the phone, (I hate telephone interviews…just sayin’) more in person.  Most companies, in this economy want someone who has the exact experience in the exact industry and they are looking to pay short money.

So finally someone has hired me, and miracle of miracles, they want me to teach.  Yes, I am going to be creating and teaching Supply Chain classes.  They will be in the form of a series of five day-long seminars to Procurement professionals in order for them to get Certified in their field.  They have a wide range of experience in purchasing and other Supply Chain topics.  So it will be somewhat like the class I present at UMass on Supply Chain except the students will be older and more experienced.  This is a contract job but from the sound of it may continue for a while, I hope.

They say the average person changes careers, not just changes jobs, three or more times in their life.  I think I have just had one of them.  I know I had one in the mid 1980’s when I went from the Mortgage industry to the Purchasing and General Services area, and now it looks like I will be teaching full time.  From prior applications I am also in contention for a full time teaching job at a college, and last week at UMass Boston I was asked by two departments if I wanted to teach full time for them starting in the fall of 2012.   I also have applied for other Supply Chain jobs in the last months and have heard from a couple but who knows.

If this is a change in my career, I think I will like it.  It does not pay as well as other jobs I have held or applied for, but someone famous once said “you can’t excel at something you don’t love”.  I’ll buy that. I think this will create less stress in my life too.  I really do like this stuff and have for a long time. At this point I’m just saying that “it is a job”, and for the time being, that is good.