Ed Cook: High School Reunion – 35 years…NOOOOO. Seems like just yesterday!

I went to my High School Reunion last Saturday.  I have enjoyed connecting with many classmates via Facebook for the last couple of years but there is nothing like saying hello or giving a hug IN PERSON.  I have been looking forward to this for quite a while, and arrived a few minutes after it started.

The crowd arrived in numbers about 7 pm.  As with any gathering like this, you try to talk to as many friends as you can in a short time.   A surprising number of classmates came in for out of state to attend.  Glad they did.  I was also surprised how many classmates live in, or right around our home town of Weymouth.

I sat at a table that I did not expect to but was glad I did.  Maryanne, Maryan, Kathy, Susan, and Barb.  Thank you for your good company and conversation.  We talked about old friends, people who were in our graduating class who were not there (not in a bad way), people not in our graduating class, mutual friends, one of them even had a cousin who lived on my street who was a paper route customer.  I did not like them very much because they had a LARGE dog that chased me a couple of times. We talked about news of the day, jobs, our senior prom, favorite teachers and much more. Just what you’d expect old friends to talk about. The food was good too.

There was discussion through the evening of classmates who have recently lost parents.  Too many.  One parent who recently passed was one of my paper route customers for years.  Nice lady who lived on the next street over from me.  Another classmate lost both parents in a matter of a couple of months.  No matter how expected, no matter how quickly, it is never easy.  Having lost both my parents, I know.

The DJ had a great time.  He danced a lot especially toward the end of the evening.  He went to the rival High School on the other side of town, and was a friend of mine from when we played Babe Ruth Baseball together.  Good guy and good DJ.

During the dozens of conversations I was part of or overheard, there was VERY little talk of our High School.  We talked about our kids, and many folks talked of their grandchildren.  Now I realize that when people have children in their 20’s and those children grow up and have children in their 20’s, it makes grandparents of people in their 50’s.  But I am telling you, NONE of my classmates look old enough to be grandparents and none act it.  And, though I do not have any, and hope to delay the process until my kids are out of college, (several years from now), I am way too young to be a grandparent.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

The most common occupation I came across had to do with liquor, selling, importing, tasting.  I hope that does not affect the next most prevalent occupation which was Unemployed.

There was dancing.  One woman fell down dancing she was having such a good time. It was amazing that another woman did NOT fall down.  I think she had plenty of lubricant to keep her up.  There was talk of teachers who have mostly passed away, the development of the South Weymouth Naval base and other home-town based items. We did have one scare, when the date of one classmate fainted (not due to anything bad) and had to be treated by the local EMT’s.  There was very little factual news passed into the room about this so people who were aware of it were very concerned.  Luckily he turned out to be ok.

All in all it was a great night!  Happily we have a couple of classmates who enjoy getting together so hopefully there will be several Mini-reunions before five years pass.  I really did enjoy High School.  I was friends with a lot of people.  There were people in sports, people who did not know what shape a baseball was, and many in between.  I was lucky.  I was on the baseball team for a short time and played on the Golf team each year.  People knew me from my job, and I liked people.  And oh yes, we had some really good teachers too.  But who wants to talk about school when you can talk with your friends.  Maybe next time Mel can come up and join us!