The 8th Circle of Hell

That’s where I have been.

I apologize to my readers for my absence. Life has taken some brutal turns in the last month. The change starts tomorrow – and probably the explanations after that.  I need to wait until every word typed about it isn’t acerbic.

As a writer of nonfiction it is difficult to experience things – stressful things – and be unable to share them. Unable to spin them, release them. When something you believe in falls apart, there is a sort of implosion—a breaking point. And I have reached that.

So, tomorrow, the tides turn.  Stay tuned.

In other notes, I have seen Captain America, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Cowboys and Aliens in the last month; all worthy entertainment, in a conquer-the-world-the-good-guys-always-win sort of way. The first two, at very least, will have sequels. Because you know—if something works, go with it.

Captain America was my least favorite of the three. But the sequel will have Robert Downey, Jr. as Ironman…so, yeah…

The other two films were what you would expect; Planet of the Apes is, well, Planet of the Apes. We’re on the apes’ side though. And Cowboys and Aliens is, as Ian so eloquently said, cowboys, and aliens, and the 007-guy, and Harrison Ford—duh!

My email no longer forwards to my phone. And I have created separate inboxes in gmail, in the hope that that will reduce what is now a short-term stress…

Wednesday morning will be the return of the Who need Fiction Blog with all of its hilarity. Wish me luck on this new journey, I’m not a super hero, or a cowboy. And my empathy is with the ape, like me he’s the underdog…






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  1. It sounds like time to schedule a cup of coffee! Let me know when you are able and we’ll make it happen. Take care!

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