Independence Day in Virginia.

Steaks on the grill. Storm in the forecast. Charge all gadgets so there’ll be something to do when the power goes out (note when, not if).

Storm. Wind. Lightning. Thunder that rattles windows. Power outage. Rain blowing so hard we can’t see. Lightning strike. Power back. Internet down. Sirens. Truck in the ditch in front of the house. Blue lights in the driveway. Walking with umbrella, thinking this is probably unwise in a thunderstorm. More Sirens. Back to the house. In out of the rain. Phone rings. House, set way off the road, next door, struck by lightning. Fire. Can fire trucks navigate the dirt road? Did the truck end up in the ditch avoiding a fire truck trying to make the sharp turn (in the middle of a curve)? Dunno. Is the wooden bridge strong enough to support a fire truck? Dunno. Internet back. The smell of smoke lingers in the air. More storms to come. More of the same storm?

Local fireworks all postponed.

July 5, 5am: Turn on coffee pot. Note large truck moving south along the long dirt road with wooden bridge, headed back to the main road. A fire truck? Still? The Electric company? Dunno. A long night for the neighbor. The bridge held.

More storms predicted for today.

Who needs fireworks?


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