Time is slipping away…

It’s s 6 AM and I’m thinking about all that I have to do every morning, before I leave for work between 9 and 9:30. It’s pretty overwhelming.

Write for the blog (at least an hour).

Write and work on things to be published (at least an hour).

Read the news, emails, blogs, facebook, maybe a couple of pages of whatever book I’m reading (45 minutes).

Work out or walk (45 minutes).

Sit in the sun for 15 minutes (Well, 15 minutes and can be combined with something else).

Eat breakfast (add prep time and it’s 30 minutes…I usually end up eating a breakfast bar, which isn’t really enough).

Shower, do make up. Usually press whatever I am going to wear to work. Yes it’s old fashioned, but I don’t wear synthetics, so cotton, linen, and silk it is… Yeah, I press my clothes. (40 minutes).

In my perfect universe, I could make a salad every day. But I let go of that idea a long time ago.

Without making a salad, (and sitting for fifteen minutes NOT doing anything else), it’s 4:55, so 5 hours. I would have to get up at 4:30 Monday through Thursday to make that work. And then work 10 to whenever…6, 7, 8…depending on the day. And since Jamie left, more often than not, I have been cooking dinner when I get home.

In my perfect universe, evenings are spent taking care of parrots, eating—communing with my family, and then reading or watching a movie. Going to bed early.

Housecleaning, bill paying, shopping, and other miscellaneous household chores are reserved for Friday through Sunday. Ideally, submitting my work should happen on those days as well. Fridays are also my catch-up day at work.

With no one to get up for school, I’ve been sleeping until 6, instead of 5. I’ve been waking up in a leisurely sort of way. Drinking coffee. Talking to parrots. But then I end up feeling rushed. Annoyed. I start my work day feeling angsty.

This isn’t good. So, I need a new plan.

I like that I don’t have to be to work early (most days) because morning is my favorite time of day. It’s my most productive writing time. So, what’s a girl to do? Not write? Not read? Not exercise (to be fair this is the one that is usually left out)?

Periodically, I think I should press all of my clothes over the weekend. That idea has fallen flat – because inevitably, I will want to wear the one thing I didn’t press. I thought I could read, or do email sitting on the deck. That hasn’t worked so well either. Either, it has rained over night so there is no place dry to sit, or the sun reflects off of the computer screen (or ipad) and I cannot see the screen to read. The chairs on my deck face east.

Exercising in the morning presents its own set of issues. If I exercise for 45 minutes, which is a healthy workout, I have to plan to do very little else. Little or no writing can happen on days when I exercise and work. Exercising means I will have been in 3 sets of clothes before 9:30 in the morning. It also means that a breakfast bar is absolutely not enough to go on. So, I will have to cook a fuller breakfast.

The only day I can comfortably go into work later is Thursday. So I might do that. Any time management suggestions welcome… Because time is slipping away.

Amazing Shel Silverstein song… listen to it!

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