What do you google?

WordPress keeps track of the search engine searches that have brought people to my blog. It’s nice to know that people are searching for my blog by name. There are several versions of Mel’s Madness (add blog, add my name).

Every author I have ever mentioned in my blog has  brought hits to the site. Emily Rapp being the top hitter. And Arthur Plotnik comes in second (anyone know who he is?). Conspicuously missing is Michael Pollan (my current hero).

There are several queries for things Irish, from the Queen’s visit (which isn’t really Irish, but I’ll set that aside for the moment), to Cuchulain, to Irish grandmothers.

There are several requests about resume writing, including one search that asked… is it ok to have footnotes on resume. No, it is not! I hope in reading my blog about resumes that particular person learned something. Really? Is that a question for google? Is that a question?

The most commonly googled request that brings people to my page is eagles, Decorah or Norfolk. I have loved following the Decorah eagles this spring. Part of me is sad that they have taken flight. I have written a great deal about them (including an extended essay that has been sent out … hopefully to be published).

Along the way there have been some interesting, if not mysterious, queries. They cause me to worry about the world. They cause me to wonder how such a query landed someone on my blog…

Ignatius Press. A Catholic press? Really? Queried more than once. I have never mentioned Ignatius. Rarely mention Catholicism, except to note I am a recovering Catholic, and don’t talk about presses, so what the hell?

Scooby doo obesity. Because obviously kids are fat because Scooby eats Scooby snacks. Obviously. Nothing to be inferred about the parent googling such a thing while child sits (probably with Happy Meal) watching cartoons for hours on end. I hope you learned something from my post!

Julie fears madness in the tomb should she wake early because… Two people googled this. Really. I’m sure it landed them on my page because Julie, who I have known since the early sixties (from the Catholic school) did a guest blog for me. And you know, my blog is titled Mel’s Madness. So, ok. But I really want to know what the hell that means. When I google it, I get Romeo and Juliet. Whatever!

How to make a revolving bookcase(!?!) I have no comment about this. I find myself wondering if this person wasn’t watching the episode of Scooby Doo where Shaggy and Scooby go round and round on the revolving bookcase and can’t get off…

I’m interested in the demographics of the people who read my blog. Do you tell people about it? I would be grateful to my regular readers if they reposted links on their facebook and twitter pages. I am cross posting on Open Salon (see link to the right)—and am actually getting quite a few hits there. It is sort of scary. But the idea behind blogging was to get my work out there. Be noticed. Have an audience. Get published more.

The other side of blogging is habit. To write every day. Every. Day. Audience creates accountability. And so, I write most days. I am going to, over the course of the next several months collect up the humorous stories I have written over the years and create a book… Is there a story you think should be included? Whether it is posted here or not? Then the question becomes who to market it to… Suggestions welcome.

My humorous stories bring me the most feedback from readers, and yet every one I have ever submitted has gotten a rejection letter… I try to reconcile that. My serious stories are well received, published. Maybe I am marketing my humor to the wrong places? I don’t know…

Ah, well, off to my day job…

Word Count: 660

Blue words: request, quite.


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  1. I think the funniest search term that’s come up in my stats was “chained vampire.” I am not sure that I want to know what whomever it was wanted to find.

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