Technological Advancements

Friday, I bought an Apple TV, which isn’t really a TV at all. It’s a little black box that can be hooked to (the right sort of) a TV. I thought I had the right sort, but I didn’t. But Ryan did. So we traded TVs.

Then Ian decided he would have better quality on Ryan’s HDMI TV than he had on his TV. So, he gave me his computer monitor for the Apple TV and I gave him Ryan’s TV. He couldn’t use the monitor for his Xbox because it has no internal sound. I hooked the stereo system up to both the Apple TV and the DVD player. So I have sound.

Houston, we have ignition. Except the DVD is in black and white. It’s very odd and I am still working on that little bug. I think I have to buy an RCA to VGA, or DMI cable. Oh, and I have to buy Ian an HDMI cable. And now I have an extra TV (not flat screen) because we’re using the computer monitor as a TV…

JL suggested that we might want to replace the DVD/VCR attached to the TV he watches most often. VCR… Yeah. He doesn’t like changing technology.

Yesterday I paid bills. Specifically, I paid my Sprint bill. Online. Now, as most of you know, I’m sort-of a tech-junkie (see above). I like gadgets. I have gadgets. Lots of them. JL, on the other hand, doesn’t have too many gadgets. And by that I mean, next to none. He wants me to replace his VCR. We’re sort of polar opposites that way.

I purchased his laptop the year XP came out. So, 2000? It was a top-of-the-line Toshiba. In its day. I used it for school. Then Ian used it. Then Jamie. Then Ian again. Then it became JL’s. It is a dinosaur. But it works. He isn’t going to play any new-fangled games on it. But there are older games he likes. And he can get online to do whatever he wants.

So, anyway, I was online, at the Sprint site paying my bill. I was also looking at phones for Chris – the screen on his shattered a couple of weeks ago and the phone has been behaving badly. I was looking at phones. I said to JL, as I always do when looking at phones, you really should get a new phone. He has a flip phone. It was Ian’s phone, once upon a time, like three phones ago. It’s a dinosaur.

This works just fine. says he.

You can get one free, I stressed. Look, this one can do email, go online, text, play games, and this other one has GPS…

GPS? Really? I can have a phone with GPS? Let me see.

Well ok then. Who knew?

We looked at several phones. I showed him my Evo (the king of phones) with its touch-screen reality, then Ian’s with its keyboard. He didn’t care about a keyboard. He just wants to be able to dial, and do GPS. We narrowed the field.

I sent Chris a text that we’d be getting phones now. I didn’t want to give JL the chance to change his mind about joining the new century. Although, I confess, the idea of the Sprint store with 4 kids 5 and under wasn’t that appealing.

JL settled on the LG Optimus, touch-screen.

The Sprint store was, as always, its own adventure. Norman, the nice representative asked, more than once, Really? He hasn’t had a new phone since 2004?

Really, Norman, and that phone wasn’t new. It was a hand-me-down. No, Norman, there’ll be no contacts or pictures to transfer to the new phone, thank you.

Chris got an Evo-shift. He didn’t need to transfer anything either. Because he stores everything on micro-cards and Google.

Upon my return home, I showed JL his new phone. How to turn it off and on. How to dial out. Answer calls (which was trickier than I expected). We downloaded a guitar tuner. Learned how to work that. I showed him how to use the YouTube app. He played with that for a long time.

Ian was in the living room watching YouTube on the Apple TV. Bigger, better screen. He had facebook open on his laptop. I settled in to read.

JL came in from the kitchen. I can go to BofA on my phone? I can check my bank stuff from the phone?

Yes, yes you can. You will have to add bank info to your phone.

Oh, I don’t know if I want to do that. He retreated back to the kitchen for a moment. Facebook? I can do Facebook from my phone?

Yes, yes you can.

He downloaded and installed Facebook onto his phone. Then proceeded to use his touch-screen keyboard to send a message. He played with the camera, maps, gallery…

Yes, readers, a page has been turned. The Universe has shifted ever so slightly. JL can now receive texts and knows how to respond to them. Picture mail too. He can watch videos from YouTube on his phone. He can take pictures and videos. He can update his Facebook status whenever he wants to, provided he has Sprint coverage.

I confess, while I was at the Sprint store, I did ask about the Evo-3D with its dual-core processor. Yeah, JL is moving into this century, kicking and screaming all the way—while I am racing towards the next…

He never tested the GPS.

Word Count: 910

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  1. He’ll test out the GPS soon enough. I can relate to JL on the VCR. I still have one, and am slowly but surely converting to DVD’s. I like gadgets too, and new fangled things. I was an early user of the Droid. But I just couldn’t suck up the $25 fee to change over my VCR tapes. Got a converter for Christmas and just need to set up time enough to do it.

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