The Plan: A Retrospective

So far, it’s been a hectic week. I will be glad when my job gets back to being my job. Administrating an educational environment and teaching. Monday was quiet.

Tuesday. I submitted an essay to a journal before getting ready for work. I do all of my writing stuff in the morning. I was later than I was comfortable with arriving a work. Well, Jamie was late arriving here, so we left late…Yeah.

I taught for two hours. So, that was cool. A home-school student. World History. I’m in my element there. But the Heating/Air conditioning man came in and did a check. Please nurse these units through the summer. My boss emailed saying I needed to go across town to run an errand. In the opposite direction of my doctor’s appointment. Not cool.

While I was reading email from said boss, I noticed the email from the payroll company. It said payroll had been shipped to the old address. Again, not cool. Got that straightened out and went to the Dr for a physical.

Personal email: essay accepted. Very, very cool. I’m excited about it.

Not surprisingly, my blood pressure was up. A lot. Otherwise, awaiting blood work, a clean bill of health. Lose some weight. Buy a blood pressure cuff. Relax! Come see me in 3 months. We drove across town to run the errand for my boss.

Jamie broke out in hives, at her house 10 miles away after I got home, so Ian and I brought her Benadryl.


Wednesday, I couldn’t have breakfast, or, more significantly coffee before driving back across town (yes, to the same neighborhood my boss sent me the day before) to see the Rheumatologist.  Blood pressure normal.

We talked about vitamin D. Normal vitamin D levels range between 32 and 80. When my levels were tested six months ago, mine was a 6. That’s not so good.  Especially since the vitamin D made me itch. Or I assumed it was the vitamin D. But maybe not. Apparently, the lack of vitamin D can cause a rash. So can not taking my RA meds every day. Awesome.

Blood work done. Cholesterol check, Thyroid, Vitamin D and a plethora of other tests. One of the tests ordered is for Celiac Disease (which causes RA symptoms and an extremely low D level, and a rash) 10 little tubes of blood in all. Come back in 6 months, unless we call you about the blood work. RA prescription written. Sit in the sun 15 minutes everyday.

So, I’m a little woozy at work and intend to leave immediately after a phone conference with my boss. 10 tubes of blood is a lot to go missing before you’ve eaten anything. A lot.

The mailman stopped by, for the first time since we moved in, to tell us that we didn’t have an address according to the post office. Hmm. I have to bring documentation to the post office to prove that this is indeed our business address. Well, ok then. So that’s on this morning’s agenda.

So is a call to Comcast. Because in the middle of my weekly phone conference with my boss, my phone and internet cut out. Poof. Gone. It is the second time the internet has gone out… My business cannot run without phones and internet service. I am not happy. At all.

So, before I go to work this morning, I will stop at the post office to prove my twenty-five-year-old building is really there and they should deliver our mail and then I will tackle Comcast. Then I get to administrate an educational environment…

Word count: 595

Words underlined in blue: significantly and administrate. It’s a sad world.


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  1. The post office built a new branch about ten years ago, and assigned us a new zip code. It took me months to convince my mortgage company that I had not moved. Same name, same street address, same twon, new zip. They insisted I had moved, “Really, i picked up the whole house and found ANOTHER #4 cunningham road, in the same town?” Literally months of convincing.

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