Tír na nÓg My guest Blog.

I didn’t write a blog this morning. I have an essay posted on Emily Rapp’s blog. It can be read at http://ourlittleseal.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/tir-na-nog/ or http://open.salon.com/blog/ronansmom/2011/06/16/tr_na_ng

I’m pretty excited about it. I was anxious about submitting it. Anxious that maybe it wouldn’t measure up. That I wouldn’t be able to articulate what I wanted to say clearly. But I think I got it. You should go read it, comment.

I often find myself asking, how come this person, or that, has more published work than I do. I had this amazing epiphany, they probably send out 10x the work I do. So, that’s my new goal. Not to slow down my writing, but to send more out.

My readership has lagged recently, dropping by almost 70 people a day. I hope they’re ok. I hope I haven’t offended them…

I hope it’s just the change in the weather and they’re not inside as much to be reading blogs.

I am playing with two new essay ideas. The first, about my amazing cousin in Jacksonville Florida—with the beautiful name. The second, about the SFX newspaper/magazine, probably the first thing to spark my interest in writing. So, cousins, and SFX alums… help me explore the possibilities.