Monday, Monday

It was a mostly uneventful weekend. I worked most of Friday. Did groceries and what-not Saturday.

I finished Rebecca Skloot’s Henrietta Lacks book. Read it, good stuff. Whether you are looking at it from a story perspective, an historical perspective, or craft; it’s good, engaging writing and she intertwines all of the above artfully. The best thing I’ve read in a good while.

I’ve been researching writing retreats. The best ones are in Ireland, of course. But I’m looking in Michigan and Colorado. It would be awesome to have more writers involved so that we can rent an entire space next May. Any takers?

Bueller? Bueller? …

Places that captured my attention are The White Lace Inn, The Old Grist MillHotel Montcalm, I still have some research to do in Colorado, clearly. I still have a while, and two people helping me, both of them amazing writers, workshoppers, housemates, and friends.

I am planning a return trip to The Porches in August, another place I highly recommend.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning my house. Well, the kitchen and living room. A deep down sort of cleaning that leaves exhaustion in its wake. Move the furniture, scrub the walls, clean out the cabinets sort of cleaning. It felt good. I did, however, completely drop the ball on my writers’ group, The Midlothian Writers’ Workshop. I am so sorry fellow workshoppers.

Ian finished high school on Friday. Graduation ceremony this coming Saturday. College and jobs in his near future. This week he is sleeping in and enjoying his victory.

Jamie continues to move towards her new apartment. Her furniture, Spartan though it is, is there. Comcast hooked up internet—she has one wired access point. This is no bueno. There are two laptops and an airave that need access. No airave, no phone service. So, tomorrow Jamie and Ian will talk to Verizon to see if I can use the extra wireless/modem that Chris had, then Jamie can have my Cisco router… We don’t have cable or satellite TV—it seems a frivolous cost. Instead, we use Netflix-streaming and Hulu-plus. $30 monthly combined, instead of the $140 (no movie channels included) Direct-TV. It’s a no brainer. Not so much when your laptop doesn’t have access. So, no phone, no TV has postponed the move.  It’ll all be sorted this week.

We officially have no chickens left, the last two hens were claimed by some hungry animal and the road on Sunday morning. So, my chicken purchasing will also begin in earnest next weekend. Probably Friday. Stay tuned.

Aside from Ian’s graduation next Saturday, the center is moving into its new digs. And the MWW is meeting. It should be a fun…exhausting…chaotic time.

Welcome to my Monday. I am double-booked at 10am with a meeting and payroll, so I must go to work an hour early. Hopefully, I can leave a little early. I have another essay to finish up and send out!

Wednesday is the Monkees concert! In the in-between moments, I am reading 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish History (so, far on chapter 7 and there are no things I didn’t know…), and A Place of My own: The Architecture of Daydreams. Reading from the iPad.

I haven’t written as many words of late, so I am simply beginning with recording days, again. It is a process that always leads to lots of creativity.

Word Count: 547


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