Updates from the edge

So, it’s been a long week. Ian finished high school; in typical Ian fashion he took his grades to the last possible moment. No stress there. Ryan is passing, or has passed all of his SOLs (Virginia’s version of No Child Left Behind testing) – and yet continues to not do as well in class. The store Jamie works at moved. Chris is, well, just Chris. Nick, in Boston, is going to Bruins play off games. The Red Sox were in first – Damn them Yankees!

My office is moving about a mile up the road from our current location. Our move date has been changed three times. It’s stressful. I had back-to-back meetings everyday and an assistant on vacation. It was an intense work week.

I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. If you have not read this book – go buy it and read it now. Wow (more detailed book review to follow on LibraryThing).

I am planning a return trip to The Porches. It is an amazing rejuvenating place that will, in all likelihood, become a constant in my writing life. I’m planning my next trip in August. I am actively looking for Bed and Breakfasts in Michigan and Colorado so that R & B and I can do another retreat next year. There are some amazing places to stay out there, inexpensive, beautiful, welcoming places. Working to make some of them affordable means we will open our invitation up to others. Stay tuned.

And finally, I have submitted a piece I have been working on for several weeks. Wish me luck!