48 pages, 11,436 words. The month ran ten days longer and the posted words, several pages shorter. So what do I do with all of this you ask? Well, you might not have, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I work to blog every morning, because it’s a process—committing words to the page. Notes, first drafts, random thoughts over coffee, parsing experiences that impact my world, my thoughts.

Life rushes by bombarding me from every angle. If I don’t take a moment to focus on the moments they slip by, unnoticed. There are ghosts in every dawn.

And I do write every day, even on days without posts. I take those kernels, nuggets and infuse them with meaning, juxtapose them one to the other. How and why do they shape me? What’s the point? Where is the thread of logic in my chaotic universe? But no one who reads my blog gets to see these finished products. I am sending several of them off to journals for publication. They aren’t the pieces you’ve seen here. They have grown and intermingled—moved beyond the boundaries of their own pages and met research and other experiences… Transformed from a singular to a plural.

Pieces that are ready to send out include, passages about the Decorah eagles—well all of the raptors I have been watching, The Colonel’s Fried Chicken, and I am working on a piece about Ryan. I thought I should share that with the people who keep me accountable to my writing, you.

To give you an idea of what I do, I will post a completed essay either tonight, or tomorrow. Complete with the pictures that helped to shape it. I leave the mountains today and return home, tomorrow I go back to work. I have completed two essays and have two well on their way. Life will begin to crowd back in; encroaching on my space, my consciousness, my creativity, my dreams. The intrusion often is what makes my writing real and whole.

But at the moment the mist is floating over the trees in Norwood, Virginia and I am content to dream.

About my next journey to The Porches. About my next writing retreat with the amazing R & B, my Antioch sisters. On to Colorado or Michigan. Although, to be fair, they have a magic to measure up to!