Two or Three Books, Really?

As most of you know, I have been tracking how much I am writing. In the last thirty days, I have written 14,321 words over 54 pages. In three months, I have written 39,504 words over 160 pages (not including guest blogs). At this pace, in twelve months, there will be 640 pages 158,016 words. That’s two or three books.

Well, damn.

Of course, my subject matter varies widely. And therein lies the problem. And always has. How do I string the many varied facets of this life into one cohesive narrative. Do I pick and choose? Find a common thread and weave it throughout?

I have a fairly consistent base of between 150 and 200 readers, daily. And for my three month old blog, I think that’s reasonable. Popular topics include, a rogue pubescent rooster, poor customer service, and politics. Alrighty then. Do I pull out each thread and pursue it individually? The Mighty Quinn Chronicle? The Mighty Quinn, for those of you who don’t know, is a song written by Bob Dylan – although Gary Puckett and the Union Gap sang the hell out of it. There are Ryan stories (Tom Sawyer, revisited?), Ian stories (Huck Finn?), work and doctor stories (The Life and Times?).

Maybe, I should write a book and simply entitle it, Really? That’s the most common question I ask. Really, Quinn? You’re going to attack me – or my car – really? Really, Ryan? You’re going to accidentally skip a class – really? Really, Ian? You’re going to wait until the last nine weeks, of your last year in high school, and now you get suspended, really? I could go on, but I think you get it.

What would Swift, or Wilde, or Twain do with the hodge-podge of characters that make up my daily reality? What would Erma do?

I think I have a good idea what Darwin might say.

I suppose, I could shift gears completely and write a liberal political book. That would be cool, and would probably sell well. But I would be selling out if I did that. I am, as most of you know, liberal. To my mind, it would be awesome and amazing if everyone else was too. But they’re not. We are a nation deeply divided. And whilst I hold my ideals dear, I acknowledge that it can’t be the world according to Mel anymore than it can be the world according to Glen Beck, or Rush Limbaugh. The future of our nation depends upon our ability to compromise—to seek the common, middle ground. Extremism on either side damages the whole, the middle. If you don’t believe that, look at Greece, Rome, The Franks, Afghanistan, Libya, Ireland…

A political book would, for me, end up a book on education. Somewhere along the line, someone made education a dirty word – and I have a lot to say about that.

So, anyway, today I will begin the process anew. I am weaving several blog posts into a short essay I wrote about why I write. I will work to lace together the disparate topics that bombard my thoughts…

Finally, a correction. I have been informed that the not-so-awesome-sexist-animal-killer CEO of Godaddy is not named Larson, it is Parsons. So, I have gone back and corrected that.

And P.S. At some point, in the not to distant future, I would like to discuss the new-blue-underlining. Really? My language is too complicated, really? Another blog…

Word Count: 570


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  1. Mel, where are you chatting now about the Eagles? I can’t find anybody that I used to chat with anymore. Where is Sherene? The other Mel? Barb? Email me private to let me know please

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