Guest Blog: Ed Cook: Piles of topics spinning through my head

With the recent passing of Liz Taylor I got to thinking about other celebrities who in their time or after became icons or institutions.  Liz Taylor was in that “larger than life” category since I was little.  I’m in my early 50’s and as long as I can remember she was headline news.  Others during my lifetime that were in this category were, Elvis (before and after death), Michael Jackson and Madonna.  In prior generations the iconic celebrities, who might have been like that were Marilyn Monroe, and Mae West .  Others who were a little less flamboyant but no less famous were Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and John Wayne.  Who can you think of that fits that description?

Does the government think that we are not stupid?  For a couple of years now I’m sure you have noticed that prices in the grocery store have been going up, rapidly, as well as package sizes going down, rapidly.  Tuna is down to 5 ounces per can from 6 (16% decrease).  Mayo which you need with the tuna is down from 32oz. to 30oz. (6%)  At the same time prices like this have been going up, the Consumer Price Index better known as the Inflation Rate has stayed incredibly low.  How?? The January CPI data showed Food prices up 2.2% from February 2010.  That works out to a food-only inflation of about 25%.  WOW!  But internationally, food has been going up by this rate for the last two years at least.  Count your blessings.

A couple of political notes (questions):

If Democrats say they don’t want high taxes and deficits, and Republicans say they don’t want high taxes and deficits, WHY do we have high taxes and deficits?  Hmmmmmm?

In Political debate, just because you make the most noise doesn’t mean you are right!

If the Vice President can fall asleep during a speech being televised nationally, who can fault an air traffic controller for nodding off in the middle of the night.  Praise the genius who agreed to have at least two controllers on duty at all times. Who was it that said they should be alone in the first place?

My daughter is part of the DECA program at school. (Sorry, don’t know what the acronym stands for). It is essentially a business club.  They have competitions from time to time and my daughter and her partner won the state regional, finished third in the State finals which qualified them to go to the Nationals…in Orlando. When I was in school my little parochial school in Weymouth Massachusetts used to have a science fair.  The top few projects got to go to the Science Congress in Kingston, Massachusetts about 20 miles away.  It would not have occurred to me or my parents to have a national final in Mickey’s  back yard. The only redeeming thing is the trip is cheap.

School plays are usually fun for the kids in them. The parents love them and generally the faculty/directors pull off miracles to create a great production.  Lets give kudos to all the drama teachers, music teachers, and others, who devote countless hours to the show getting the kids of whatever age to cooperate, which is sometimes the equivalent of herding cats, with minimal if any extra pay, to make the parents proud.

Ever been out of work?  Ever hear, “we can’t hire you for this job because you’re over qualified”, or “you’d be bored in this job”. No I’m bored at home looking for a job and I would be motivated and a grateful, loyal employee if you hire me, and think of how much more productive I will be with all that extra skill.

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