Comments, Neck braces, and Eagles

First, let me say, I’ve had issues with Bob Larson and godaddy’s marketing for a long time. I’ve always thought he was a smarmy SOB. The elephants only reaffirmed that for me. To fully understand my take on the issue, I suppose, you have to understand the political aspects of the story. I’m sure, in the eyes of the local population, the elephant was a problem. But, like the human population in the area, he was just trying to survive and feed his family. I have seen no reports that say the other elephants shot were problems. They may exist, I simply have not seen them.

There is a Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Larson removed one elephant – and the villagers had food for the moment. For the moment, their crops were protected. But, Larson isn’t going to sit in those fields night after night, shooting problems. And the villagers will remain hungry. There are non-violent methods of protecting the crops in Africa. With the money Larson paid to a profoundly corrupt, oppressive government for the privilege of shooting that elephant, he could have provided long-term protection for the crops. The locals didn’t shoot the elephant themselves because, as a community, they couldn’t afford the fees. If Larson’s goal was to eradicate the problem, his dollars would have been more wisely invested in methods that would defend the crops, and villagers, from all of the elephants. Perhaps, providing an agricultural expert to explain why planting crops that elephants don’t eat is a viable alternative, or investing in invisible fencing (I think it has to do with noise emissions that causes the elephants to avoid the area). Larson has not solved any problems for these people, and the rest of the herd, as a result, is likely to be more aggressive. So, Mr. Larson will have more elephants to kill in the future. Hemingway would be proud of him. More the point of my post yesterday was my disappointment in Michaels; Larson’s behavior has a precedent.

I have to live by my convictions. I don’t watch, or pay for, Jim Carey movies because of a statement he made some years ago (on a children’s network) about children not needing an education, after all he didn’t have an education, he’s a high school drop out, and he’s rich. Yeah, that’s a message to share. And I’m sure the two cents he would get from me per movie wouldn’t make a difference in his reality – but it does in mine. Morally. Ethically. There is a list of people, companies, I don’t – won’t – patronize: J. K. Rowling, WalMart, Koch Bro products, among others, and now, Jillian Michaels. She has chosen to abandon what appeared to be her convictions to be in business with a narcissistic sexist—I don’t believe that the kill was about the problem or the citizens of Zimbabwe—it was all about Bob Larson and his reputation/persona, at the expense of others. And that makes me sad, because I have learned a lot from Michaels. Again, I’m sure my two cents won’t a difference to her – or her wallet; but it does to me.


I purchased a new neck brace yesterday. A soft cervical collar. I hate neck braces, shoot, I won’t wear a turtleneck. I live [mostly] medication-free; taking care to not upset the fragile balancing act of my neck. Eat well, sleep well, don’t move beyond your limits. This week, I have taken a variety of pain meds and prescription anti-inflammatories. And whilst my pain has been relieved enough for me to sleep comfortably (unconsciously?), these medications come with their own issues: digestive tract issues, ulcers, half-life dazes…

So, I have called the insurance company and changed my primary care physician (I really, really didn’t like my doctor). I will make an appointment this morning with my new doctor and get a referral for the chiropractor. In the past, I have found the best relief there. I don’t see surgery as an option; I would lose all range of motion, with no promise of pain release.

And finally, the eagles. I have been watching the Decorah Iowa eagles raise their 3 babies. If you haven’t seen them, you should. At work, we are using the live feed as a “screen saver,” pulling it up full screen when ever the computers are not in use. Students, teachers, and staff are all in love with the three peeping eaglets. I like the oldest, biggest one – although the youngest is winning its way into my heart. And the adults are amazing, working as a team to raise their young…humanity could take lessons!…

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2 thoughts on “Comments, Neck braces, and Eagles

  1. Good for you holding to your convictions. I have a couple of my own and I really like what you said “I’m sure my two cents won’t a difference to her – or her wallet; but it does to me.” VERY good. It feels good to stand up for something now and again.

  2. It does feel good to stand up for what you think is right – that is, if the price you pay is worth it. My list became so long at one point it was simply too long to carry… migraines increased, back problems worsened etc. and George Bush still won that election . Soooooo…. I try to choose my battles and ignore the rest though sometimes its hard. For example, I don’t even try to convince Republican relatives and (former) friends that Fox News hosts only fictional and comedic programming. As they say, it’s a waste of energy to argue with drunks or fools. Instead, when they start reporting the news they obtained from Fox, I simply say, “Oh, really?” and start laughing hysterically! When they ask why I’m so amused, I simply tell them, “I enjoy a good joke. You can’t be serious. Can you?” Smiling and laughing at those that are bent upon proving themselves idiots deserve an audience too.

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