It’s 7:30 and I haven’t started writing a blog yet. Most of my energy this morning has been spent on breathing.  It’s spring in Virginia. The dogwoods are blooming – bastards. Dogwoods are beautiful trees, when viewed from behind several panes of airtight glass.

It’s tough living in Virginia, where everything grows, when your body was inoculated in Massachusetts where winter can last from late September until early April; nothing grows there, at least not for very long.

So, yesterday, the pollen gods descended on me. I feel fine, I simply can’t breathe. I’m sure there is some obscure Greek God of pollen – or at very least Terry Pratchett has one. And their isn’t one, we should invent it and make any sort of offering It demands.


Now, I will get ready for work – where I will, puffy-eyed and sniffling, engage students, parents, prospective students and their parents, teacher, prospective teachers (don’t ask), and I will probably check the price of stock in Kleenex!

Oh! And there will be a Quinn update later this week.

Word Count: 177.