Guest Blog: Ed Cook on Mondays

I Hope YOUR Monday was better than mine!

Monday started on Sunday night. While cooking dinner, we found that there was a leak in the garbage disposal.  It was pretty stinky (ok, very stinky) so it needed immediate clean-up.  During the clean-up the dinner was still cooking and the distraction kept it in the oven a wee bit too long.  Still edible, still good, but make sure to bring the extra strength choppers.  Got on the phone to our regular plumber, he was booked for the next two days. Called two neighbors got the numbers of their plumbers and called and left messages.  Luckily, one of them called on Monday morning and came and installed a new unit.

I wake up on Monday to SNOW on the first day of spring!!  Aggghhh!!!

I have been teaching at a local university for many years.  Last week I was told they were replacing the table in my office with a genuine desk.  So I drive in, through the snow, and in my office is a desk.  But the chair I had been using was gone.  In its place was a very pedestrian chair, no arms and no recline.  So I went to thank the woman who is in charge of such things and asked if I could get my chair back.  The prior chair was not a luxury chair by any means but it had arms, reclined and was very comfortable compared to one that replaced it.  She said she would see what she could do a little later.  I told her no rush, because she is very nice, and I did not want to seem too high maintenance.  I returned to my office later and there was my original chair.  I sit down, and as if I’m in slow motion, I begin to tip to my left.  I grabbed the desk to keep from falling.  I stand up and look and one of the chair legs…broken and missing.  Since Thursday, really??  How?!?  So I rolled the busted chair down the hall to retrieve the pedestrian chair.  It had been given out already.  She said she’d see what she could do.  I used a guest chair, I’ll live.  An hour later, a new-ish chair arrives at my door…arms, reclines, reasonably comfortable.  Honest, I did not break the chair.

Prepare and proceed to class.  It is the first day of Student Presentations.  Always a bit of an adventure! After the first half of class, I invite the first presenter/student to come up and set up his flash drive in my computer (which is the conduit to the room projector). We have a break, and when I come back in the room, he is standing watching another student type on my NEW computer.  Patience is not in great supply and they are changing the settings in the laptop in order to connect.  She has been changing things for about 5 minutes.  Nothing is normal or default!  NOTHING.  It won’t work at all.  Without panicking I ask her to change everything back.  Another 5 minutes passes. I ask the class to not touch the settings or anything else on the computer for any future presentation, then I pushed the two buttons to make the unit project, yes two.  They were in awe.

I had another student in the same class ask if he could leave before the three presentations (12 minutes each) so he could go home and join his family for dinner.  No kidding.  He asked this.  He is a college SENIOR graduating in less than 3 months!  When he gets a job, what is he going to ask his boss when he has to do something he doesn’t want to?  Can’t wait to see his evaluation of me!

After class I go back to my office and find an e-mail from a student in another class I had contacted because he did not turn in a paper.  ANSWER: I didn’t have time. He too is a SENIOR but he may not be graduating in less than three months.  Didn’t have time???? That’s tomorrow’s problem.

I got home at 9:30 and saw the dog looked like its fur has been greased back.  Seems she had tipped over the trash from and gotten into the grease from cooking the dinner the night before. The girls gave her a shower.

Finally, as the day ends while watching the news, I hear a story that says 72% of married couples are too tired to have sex.  More good news, please! On to Tuesday…!

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