Friday Coffee Catch Up

We are thinking about using my last blog as a newsletter for work. This caused somewhat of a firestorm; some thought I was too harsh, some that it was timely, others that it might not be appropriate for our setting… Yeah. We are awaiting response from the owners. I may need to tone it down; little did anyone know it was very toned down when I posted it here. There will be more on this topic over the weekend. Amy, if you really are interested in home schooling, shoot me an email.

Ian goes to the Model UN today, he is representing Namibia. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t feel bad we didn’t either. It’s been a country since 1990, most of the population has AIDS, there is a draught, and no notable infrastructure. The Namibian dollar is worth .14 US… which is probably minus–something EU. Is that even possible? Minus money? I mean, besides in a checking account, or governmental budget. But anyway, it’s an honor to go. It is a state-wide event and kids are selected out of honors classes. I am proud of him. He wrote a three page single spaced paper about Namibia.

I found my Jillian Michaels book – now before you scoff – I have learned so much about nutrition and what is in what we eat from this book, you should read it; Mastering your Metabolism In combination with Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food Rules you could change the way you think about food (or, more accurately American Processed Food Stuff). You should do it!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were better than Monday. Each day being slightly better than the one preceding it, but only marginally. It was a long week. And I am glad it’s over. Today I travel to Baltimore to see Nick.

I left early yesterday and was home late last night. Jamie went to the KFC to pick up dinner (Ian was doing his paper and JL wasn’t here). Larry was fired – too many complaints. Really? The chicken was nasty, over cooked. The new manager has some learning to do. But, when Jamie was told that they were out of biscuits, they immediately offered to add extra chicken for her trouble, so there’s progress. I was very disappointed in the quality and won’t be lusting for it again any time soon. Good riddance, Larry. I hope you find a job—not near me!

Now, off to Baltimore I go with Chris and his 5yr old son Joshua. Yes, I will be locked in a car today with a small child…  Stop cringing, he is my grandson and I love him. He knows I am  cynical, sarcastic, mordant. He knows I treat children like short adults. And I will only be locked in a small, confined space with him for 6 hours… It will be educational for him. Fodder for your future reading pleasure… No Ryan is not going.

I am reading resumes again too. Yay!

Still interested in guest bloogers. I am putting what is sent to me away for days like yesterday… Ed, you are next up. I will read it this morning.

I am holding steady at about 180 readers per day. Thank you for reading, tell a friend.

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