A Monday Miscellany

There are weeks when I think, let’s just get rid of Monday. But then, Tuesday would just become the new Monday and it would be just as bad. And it’s not that yesterday was bad, per se, it was just everything we imagine Monday to be.


I tried, over the weekend, to pay a bill online, with no success. The online bill pay system kept telling me I had the wrong account number. Which I  didn’t; I typed it in about a dozen times, copying it directly from the bill. You’d think, even if I typed it wrong the first time, at least one of those times, I’d have gotten it right. I went to work early, so I would have the time to call and get it done over the phone. 45 minutes and 2 customer service reps later, it just decided to work. Just randomly. The customer service rep had me typing while she verified the info. Bam!—everything fine, here’s your confirmation number. I should have seen this as an omen; a precursor to the rest of the day.

I took what sounded like a sales call a short while later. The woman on the other end asked for “the administrator” – that always puts my guard up, you know, because I’m the administrator. She started talking about a local convention/fund-raiser for business administrators – she weaseled my marketing person’s name out of me. D, said marketing person, was teaching at the time and couldn’t take the call. But then the caller wouldn’t identify the business, the fund-raiser, or herself. It said “Private Caller” on the caller ID.

When I hung up, I told everyone in the office the call was strange and that we weren’t interested in any sort of convention involving the strange woman on the phone. Then I promptly put it out of my mind – it was a Monday sort of Monday and as Barliman Butterbur would say, you know, one thing pushes out another…

This was my mistake.

Several hours later, she called back. I recognized her voice. She asked for D, my marketing person, by name (obviously). When D got on the phone, the woman started the conversation by telling D she was on the Midlothian most wanted list – no introduction, no explanation. Needless to say D was rattled.

The volunteer told D, a local business person had put her name on the list – yeah me! – and that she would put in “jail” for an hour. She would have to be “bailed out,”  thus making money for charity. One of their “officers” could drop by and pick her up. Not! The volunteer refused to give D a number to call back. She was very rattled. The whole episode had a stalker-like feel to it.

This time, the number was on my caller id: The Muscular Dystrophy Association. I called them back and berated them (taking names of course) , about their unprofessional, bordering on unethical, tactics. I informed the manager that if they called again, I would have our lawyer be in touch. Scaring my employees is not the way to garner our marketing dollars…

Just sayin…

After 3pm, there were the usual parent calls, schedule shuffles, appointments scheduled and rescheduled. My normally cantankerous Monday-Wednesday student reached to new heights in attitude. He was positively obstreperous.

On another note, while I was teaching—well, while my student was [not] writing, while he was staring blankly at the computer screen—I glanced out the window. A red-tail hawk swooped and picked off a smaller bird—mid air. Dinner. The hawk disappeared from my line of vision. Later, while sitting at the reception desk, I noticed three hawks swooping and circling in the same vicinity. There is a small natural sort of space on the other side of our parking lot and we have full view of it all day. And it looks like a family of hawks have taken up residence. It would seem logical that it was a mated pair—setting up a nest. Perhaps the third is a fledgling that was born late last year and is still with them? Hawks mate for life. They create strong bonds, so if their baby wasn’t ready to leave, maybe it will be with them until the new eggs hatch? I hope their babies take to the air before we move in June.

It was such a long Monday, I woke up this morning thinking, it’s Wednesday, right? No, it’s Tuesday. No, it has to be Wednesday—because Monday was long enough to have been Monday and Tuesday. Sadly, it’s only Tuesday and I still have 3 days left in my week. They’ll be better than yesterday…

They will.

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