Sunday Morning Comin’ Down…

So, I’ve missed almost a week of blogging. And it’s been a week! Mostly work stuff. I went to the regional training session – which was amazing – and I got a lot out of it. Two co-workers went with me; B & N. We drove to Baltimore.

The original plan was to leave Monday around 1. But it didn’t work out that way. We’re planning to move the center in June and last Monday was the day corporate decided to look at the plans (that took several emails back and forth, plus a phone call), then the contractor needed to look at some things in our current location, then a parent called, and then another. Then N had to cover the teaching floor… It went on like that, without pause, until 6pm.

2 days of whirlwind learning… training sessions 8:30 to 5 both days. And then home about 11 on Wednesday. Worked Thursday at 9am. Friday and Saturday I ran around doing errands; banking, groceries, bills…

My suitcase remains filled with odds and ends. I’ll unpack today, probably after my writers’ group meets.

I did manage to finish a Cornwell book, another in the Sharpe’s series. and Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. I started Geraldine Brooks’ March. The latter two are for discussion during my writing retreat in May. I also need to get a 20pg story written by then… I haven’t started that yet. I am debating which way to go… Do I expand the fast food piece? Or do I create a Ryan chronicle?

In the past month, I have blogged 62 single spaced pages (in Word), 15,060 words. No, I didn’t include Julie’s poem in my count. I do my writing in Word, save it, and then copy and paste into WordPress. Julie’s poem isn’t in that document. And then I always edit for typos and dropped words – and I always find some. There are but 21 posts – 20 without Julie’s poem. That’s 2 fewer than last month but, I am writing a lot more, I’m averaging 750 words per post. Now, all I have to do is make it a daily thing! And make the writing more substantial…relevant…engaging.

This post, for example, isn’t very entertaining. But, part of this project is to keep myself on task. So, this is my post to me, I suppose.

I intend to spend sometime this morning adding tags to some older posts… I think that that brings more traffic through. My current (consistent) reader base fluctuates between 80 and 200 daily. There have been all sorts of bizarre google searches that have brought people to the page… My favorites are, “Nana Madness” and “julie fears madness in the tomb should she wake early because” Really.

Anyway, I will resume my blogging more consistently. And, again, I am interested in guest bloggers to fill in on the days that out run me.

Word Count: 471


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down…

  1. My two cents: I suggest a new project for your writing retreat. Something that challenges you and expands the artist rather than a particular work. This is only an observation, but if your objective is to workshop an unfinished piece, I think you’d already know which piece that is. And maybe you do, I’m just sayin’…

    It’s all about how you want to maximize your experience–completing something or starting something; they both have value. The unfamiliar environs could lend itself to a new perspective on an older work, give you a fresh take on it. Or it could serve as a incubator on a new idea. I’m guessing this isn’t your first time going on retreat, so you know better than I do.

    Of course, I would like to simply get it going at all, myself. That would be progress for me. So, take my contribution for what it’s worth.

    “Give the past the slip…Go forward. Move ahead. Try to detect it.”

    • I need to arrive with a new 20pg piece. We (there are 3 of us) will spend our mornings writing, discuss books over lunch, and workshop in the afternoon.

      I am thinking I can expand the KFC piece. I can intertwine bits of Michael Pollan, maybe some Kurt Vonnegut; making it more of a social commentary. I’ve been thinking about it, a lot.

      Tell me I will see you this afternoon? I have no piece to contribute to the group — but being there and contributing helps to keep me focused…

  2. I like how you say you check for typos and in the first paragraph “I go a lot out of it” where I am sure you meant “got”. Just thought I would mention.

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