Train Wrecks and Happy Endings

So for those of you on the edges of your seats, I thought I should update and answer some questions…

I have hired 3 teachers; a William and Mary grad, a pre-med student, and a certified teacher—a graduate of Ohio State.  You would think that working for a tutoring center is easy work. You would be wrong. There is a lot for them to learn – method, curricula, when to use what color ink when filling out paperwork… There is a lot of training. To teach the SAT for me, you have to take an SAT for me. And score at least a 600 in whatever you want to teach. 800 per section is perfect. So far, they’ve left the center sort of dazed after their training shifts. We’ll see how they hold up.

Jamie is finally feeling better. She made me sick, but I’m better too.

Ian is deeply engrossed in learning card tricks. Ryan is his assistant. It’s sort of like the Three Stooges–without Moe. When they did one with me last night – and failed to correctly turn my card – they insisted I did it wrong. Me: Pick card, look at it, return it to the deck. Yeah, I could see how I could have messed that up.  Ian: count cards into 4 piles, stop if the card you turn is the same number as you’re saying, add the top cards on each pile. Count that number of cards and turn the “right” card. Yeah, I’m sure it was me that messed up. I retreated into email…

My Monkee tickets have arrived. I am very excited about this. Yes, I’m a dork.

The water cooler has not leaked again. But we’re all watching it very closely. Smart people don’t like it when inanimate objects make fools of them.

In the local paper, “After the schools factor in attrition, approximately 44 jobs remain on the chopping block.” Our local schools are still in serious trouble. The county only has six schools – 44 jobs is insane. This is a train wreck in the making — one that will scar the community for generations to come.

I have found the individually packaged apple sauce.  I know y’all were worried about this one! It’s in the peanut butter aisle. Cause that makes sense, I guess. No, I don’t think so.

Quinn remains a threat to the 2-legged population. There was a huge owl in the yard the other night. Its Whoo-whooo woke me up. And coyotes passed through—howling as they went. Quinn, who crows at all odd hours, remained silent. He was unscathed.

My RA symptoms have been minimal recently. I have all but eliminated rice, pasta, and bread from my diet. I am not happy about this. But I am enjoying the reduced pain.

Plans for my writing retreat to The Porches continue to move forward. We are working out the book details. I will post a final list when we hammer it all out, for those of you who may want to read along…

And Charlie Sheen is still front page news. People do love a train wreck.

Word Count: 516