Monday News and Dorkiness

I am, as many of you know, a news junkie. A serious news junkie. Last week’s news held my attention – in somewhat horrid fascination. War, tornadoes, volcanoes, soaring gas prices (gas station owners insisting they’re not “gougers” – really? Well since we don’t get our gas from Libya…yeah…but anyway), murder, dead children melted down with chemicals…

Amazingly, through it all, Charlie Sheen continues to garner top billing. I don’t get it. He needs a time out. Quiet time. He is clearly over-stimulated, and should be removed from the limelight.


That said, there were some amusing tidbits. There were rumors of John Stamos filling in on Two and a Half Men. Charlie said it would ruin his show, the show would suck, that Stamos doesn’t have what it takes (a clear head? drug free lucid moments? the ability to show up for work, not insult his bosses and do his job?). Stamos responded (via twitter, maybe?) that “Contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen on two and half men, however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son.” It made me smile.

Charlie has a growing bandwagon of supporters. Over the weekend, I kid you not, Mel Gibson, Howard Stern, Bret Michaels, Russell Brand, Robert Pattinson have all said they support Charlie. And today Paris Hilton added her two cents. P. Diddy wants Sheen’s address—he wants to party with him. With support from such…upstanding…individuals, who needs change? Charlie had his own episode of 20/20. ABC, you should be ashamed of your involvement in this train wreck! Without a publicist, I’m sure Charlie is thinking any press is good press…

Sean Penn wants Charlie to come to Haiti and do some missionary work. Humility seems to have tempered Penn. Tending to the needs of others and putting them ahead of your self is a saintly task, Mr. Penn has earned my respect. I, personally, don’t see Sheen ready for that particular journey.

Meanwhile, back in the grown-up world, Michael Moore gave an amazing speech in Wisconsin (even if you don’t like Moore, you should give it a listen). Anarchy reigns in distant places and threatens right here at home. The electorate is fired up – praise the Lord and pass the voter box! The far right seems to be imploding, and will in all likelihood have finished itself off by 2012. Hopefully, it won’t take the middle class, public education, and most of the arts with it. And I do mean the far right, the lunatic fringe. To be successful as a nation, there must be a variety of voices – and ears; there must be a willingness to compromise and find the common ground…

In other news, or on a personal note, I have purchased the books I will read for my writing retreat in May (I am so looking forward to this trip and reunion with fellow Antioch grads!). They’re all on my Kindle (the books, not the Antioch grads); Food Rules, Michael Pollan; March, Geraldine Brooks; and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot. I will weave them in over the next few months between Bernard Cornwell, E. Annie Proulx, something by Shakespeare (maybe the sonnets), a Terry Pratchett or two, and probably Faustus.

I have also purchased my tickets to the Monkees upcoming show in Richmond (Yay!). I know, I know, I’m a dork. I still have a business trip to Baltimore, the Picasso exhibit to see, the DC Holocaust Museum, and there will be a lecture at VCU entitled, How Jewish was Jesus. I’m interested in hearing that.

Yes, I am that dorky. I think news should be, well, newsworthy. And that people should be well rounded taking in various experiences to always broaden their horizons…

And speaking of broadening horizons, I have 3 “guest bloggers” in the wings; Anjie, Julie, and Rachel. Prose and poetry. Guest blogs begin this week. This blog’s readership is doubling almost daily! If you are interested in doing a guest blog – shoot me a line.

Welcome to Monday.

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  1. Mel, I’m re-reading the Tiffany Aching books from Pratchett. It’s busy season and I need brain candy. If you are trying to decide on which Pratchett’s to indulge in, I hihgly recommend them. They are aimed at adolescents, but they are a blast.

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