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I finally got around to updating my “About” page.

Emily’s blog is now mirrored through Salon and was mentioned in Psychology Today. You go Em! You should take some time to read Emily’s blog. It is a reminder to us all how precious we are to each other. She has added a link to me from her blog, thank you Emily, I am humbled, thankful.

I have added a link to Catherine Kayse’s blog, Ragamuffin Scrap Craft, on the side–enjoy.

Ian had a friend spend the night. They want to form a band. The plan was to spend the weekend playing music and developing a style. Instead, they spent the night eating pizza, playing video games, watching Robin Williams stand-up, and talking about how they wanted to form a band. I think the music will be a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Fleet Foxes. I think they should talk some more…

I listened to my MP3 player while running errands yesterday morning and couldn’t locate any song I wanted to listen to. I hate that. I came home and hooked the Zune up to the computer and think that I have finally eradicated the last of Gorilla Zoe, ICP (Insane Clown Posse—resist the urge to click, I’ve listened to them, you don’t have to), and Britney Spears—where that came from remains a mystery. No one here will take ownership. I need to hook Ian’s Zune up and get the other Fleet Foxes album. He also insists I will like a band called The Eels. I am skeptical. I moved some Clannad, Handel, Stephane Grappelli, and John Klemmer onto the Kindle so I can have music while reading. I was careful to just move instrumentals.

I downloaded Mellencamp’s No Better Than This. Do it. Amazing stuff. I found myself wanting recordings of Cherry Bomb a cappella, and Jack and Diane with banjo and mandolin…

Jamie is still sick. Chris is still addicted to Need for Speed, Nick is likely spending the weekend with The Captain, JL is going to a music festival, and I am getting ready to go into the office on my day off.

I am interested in guest bloggers. Hint: Chris, Jeff, Rachel, Barbara, and anyone else who might be interested.

Word count: 373 (plus the About page!)


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  1. Mel, as soon as I get even a little caught up, if you want to explain to technologically impaired blond friend what a guest blogger is and how they do that, I would love to.

    Still really enjoying your daily takes on life.

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