Elections and Songs That Make a Difference (Yes, this is your life, Jackie Brown).

Of the 3,651 registered voters in my district 92 people voted in Tuesday’s special election. The county said the election cost $2500, that is $27 per vote…

Democracy at work.

I get it; an off-year, a funny time…but really? 92 people? I can hear the other 3,469 folks saying, Well it’s only the School Board.

And that’s right it is. It is only about the single largest budgetary concern in the county. Our county schools – our kids – will lose somewhere between 18 and 60 employees this fiscal year(depending on the finalized budget compromise between the School Board and the Board of Supervisors). That’s a lot of teachers, and the Superintendent was quoted in the local paper as saying, “class sizes will increase and the quality of what we deliver will be diminished.

No worries.

It’s only about the children who will define the society that will be in control when you are old and feeble. You know, the people who will be making decisions for you when you are no longer able. Let’s not do anything rational like, oh, take a proactive stance on how they are educated.

In an ever shrinking world, American children lag behind academically. Teachers are vilified; failure is their fault. I find myself wondering, how many of those 92 people were teachers, how many work for the School Department? How many were inconvenienced for a few moments to do their civic duty and set an example for others to follow? You know, like our children.  I can teach your child to read—but you must teach them to love books. You can’t expect teachers to instill civic responsibility – Sure, sure, they can teach civics in the 7th grade, but when that isn’t followed up by parents who actively engage in our political process, it is resources wasted. Maybe the civics teacher can get a job at the Wal-Mart coming to the county – but hey, that takes a job from an under-educated county resident…

And they’ll be under-educated.

Where’s the Facebook group to save our schools? To save education? To save our future? Shoot, the local anti-Wal-Mart group has 463 members. How many of them live by me in district 2?

So, we spent money to do a study as to whether or not Walmart would be good for the county. And despite vehement opposition, we’re building a one. We’ll take county funds to cut a road, install lights, be forced to hire new deputies as the crime rate increases, possibly consider the creation of a police force… But let’s lose those superfluous school department folks, English and Math teachers – who needs that?

Here is a statistic to consider… In a year, the average high school graduate will earn what the average college graduate will pay in taxes. So, yeah, the difference between, oh say, a teacher and a Walmart employee…

Voting is important DO IT!

I’m going to see John Mellencamp tonight and two decades ago he said it best…What kind of world do we live in?

That’s right, do it to your buddy ‘fore he does it to you…

Yes, this is your life Jackie Brown.

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  1. There you go, vilifying Wal-Mart employees. LOL You present some scarey thoughts about the things America CARES about.

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