Cleaning the Cache Files of Life.

Thank you to everyone who responded yesterday, here, on facebook, via email, and on the phone. I was amazed at the overwhelming show of support. 140 readers yesterday…

Two people who know S1 deleted her, and a third person deleted her daughter as well. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could really just delete the negativity from our lives? Restore to last saved game.

Like Chris, I believe the threats are hollow. S1 is insane and is being encouraged by a second insane person. But the violence they are threatening is to be carried out by someone who is not insane. Or Stupid. And he hasn’t heard the messages yet. But he will, as soon as that can happen. And as the voicemails implicate him, I feel I owe that to him.

As I have stated numerous times, I believe S1 has Borderline Personality Disorder. She is medically addicted to more types of medication than I can count (or possibly spell). She is a very sick woman. Her victims are usually her family members; identity fraud (using social security numbers to obtain credit cards, falsified employment info for her home health aid’s pay—then keeps the money herself, somehow obtaining bank account info and charging up a storm). She is convinced that every man on the planet is in love with her – including her sisters’ partners and husbands (So-and-So made a pass at me, but I told him I loved you too much to let him cheat on you with me—true story!). God forbid you should have any medication in your purse…

No one ever presses charges against her. They lament, she’s sick, she needs help. She is my daughter, sister, mother. And now she is in her mid-fifties and there have never been consequences, so she continually ups the ante.

S1 always has to be the prettiest, smartest, most sought after in the crowd. She continually makes comments like, “just because you have three masters degrees doesn’t mean you know more than me. I have experience.”  Ok. Experience lying, cheating, stealing, and hurting. Experience cloistered in her room watching Court TV and soap operas. Experience, I suppose, from her last job when she was nineteen. She can’t have my education, because she has frittered away her life playing the victim, over-medicating herself, hoarding, working to damage others emotionally; working to find the slightest “flaw” in others and using it to make herself look better. And now, in her fifties, she’s old and alone. Bitter. I worry about my niece, still in her twenties, whose credit is destroyed and who is now modeling a lot of her mother’s behavior. I worry about the cousins I have recently found. I worry they will be drawn into her snare and hurt.  I hope they read this and email me. It all just leave me sad.

The Quartermaines have got nothing on my family!


One thought on “Cleaning the Cache Files of Life.

  1. I feel so special! You referred to me in your blog! The choice is an easy one!
    You mentioned the medication in a purse. I some how misplaced my Vicodin while visiting Jamie while in the presence of S1. The (He) you are talking about isn’t stupid but, is known for not making the right choices. What I find ridiculous is that any of them would think a sane person would choose them over *Blood*. They live in a dreamworld and we should leave them to it.

    Love you!

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