On Particular Individuals…

Last night, I was reading Facebook and I gasped upon seeing that, not one, but several people, had reposted a link to this blog. At first, I was honored;  pleased by compliment paid.

And then terror sank in. Who were these people friends with? Would this lead people I am trying to be rid of to my blog? Would this give them a new way to harass me?

I get that that sounds melodramatic. But it’s not. For those of you who have been reading all along, you may remember a post about midnight phone calls. Well, Jamie finally listened to the messages (which I have saved and am considering sharing with the police). S1 called to tell me that she was planning to arrange for a person known to be violent to hurt—or kill my son. And she was completely serious. Insane—borderline, in my opinion–but serious.

So, now I’m left to decide what I should do. Part of me wants to de-friend all of  the “friends” we share in common…13 people. Some of them my friends long before they knew her. Some of them know her only through her facebook presence – and she found them through me. I have backed up from several of these relationships. And I’m angry about it.

Do I stop blogging?

Do I ask these people to choose?

Do I tell them the particulars?

Let them listen to the voicemails?

Do I simply quietly delete them? Let go of friendships? Friendships that I begin to doubt because of the connection to particular individuals…

So, readers, I am open to suggestions…


5 thoughts on “On Particular Individuals…

  1. Don’t think I am on this list, but if I am let me know who and I will delete them myself. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. The way I look at stupidity is just that. It is stupid and my life is insane enough then to deal with more stupidity and insanety. My opinion is this; to who ever the vm is from block them from ur life and if they try to upset or anger u laugh at them because that’s what it is. It is funny that they think that petty threats and empty words can hurt you. As to the friends on ur list send them a privet messeage saying that this person is unstable and you feel that anyone part of their life can not be a part of yours. Laugh at the “drama a day club” for that is their life and they thrive at bringing people into the club.

  3. To the Facebook issues: Think grocery shopping in the South? You know, limit the items on your shelf to regional availability; or rearrange them to confuse the shopper. Is there a Dukes option in this mayo isle?

    Seriously, anything that you deem as a legitimate threat to your son, needs to be documented with a police report. Minimum. However idle it seems, I encourage you to strongly consider sharing it. It’s a mad world.

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