Songs that make a difference

A lot of songs that seemed innocuous growing up have had a major impact on the way I think about life, like this Monkees song. I think as I stumble upon them, I’ll share.

Why don’t you cut your hair?

Why don’t you live up there?

Why don’t you do what I do, see what I feel when I care?

Why don’t you be like me?

Why don’t you stop and see?

Why don’t you hate who I hate, kill who I kill to be free?


2 thoughts on “Songs that make a difference

  1. I dig the Monkees. “Steppin’ Stone” always stuck with me. I own “The Best of…” album on compact disc (which, of course, includes Randy Scouse Git), if you’d like a copy. There are 25 songs; it’s cool.

    • Thanks, Jeff. I have almost every album they did. “Steppin’ Stone” is a cool song. “Shades of Gray” is amazing, so is “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.

      I often wonder if my parents listened to the words of their songs with their political under-currents. They objected to The Beatles.

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