Ripped from the Headlines

Police: Suspect seen… White’s mother, Joy White, told the New York Post last week that she last saw her daughter when she was 19 days old. She took her to a Harlem hospital on August 4, 1987, because the baby had a high fever, a New York police official said. Carlina was admitted to the hospital, and her mother went home to rest. When she returned, the baby was gone. What? What does that even mean? None of the nursery nurses noticed the missing baby? That elephant not in the room? No one noticed until mom got back? Really? Ahh, the days before everything was about litigation.

Report: Utah Trooper strikes woman… And get this, he’s on paid administrative leave while they investigate — hello? It’s all on dash-cam.

Woman Calls 911 for Bad Manicure… Seriously, this is a headline. I watched this so you don’t have to.

Outcry Over Mental Patient Tied to Wall… Tied to wall, ’nuff said.

Debt Looms Large On Senator To-Do list… Why is this news? Shouldn’t this be a given? Seriously? This is, like, you know, their job! You don’t see my name in the news — Mel teaches English: Grades Improve… There should not be accolades for doing your job.

And, most importantly, Justin Bieber’s haircut cost $740. That is a month’s rent for some people…

Please read internationally, get a rational perspective of our world…