Birds and Bees

Off and on, over the course of the last year, I’ve heard rumors about the declining bee population. For years, bees built nests in the barn. They were an annoyance… They harassed passers by, harried anyone trying to collect eggs or get hay. They frightened me.

But I don’t remember the last time I saw them now.

Scientists believe that it is possible that radio waves… frequencies… radiation… you know, like cell phones, are disruptive to bees. Bee populations have declined in the US by 30%. Without bees there is no pollination, without pollination there are no plants, without plants, well you can follow that train…

You can follow this train, right? Einstein said that without bees humanity would die in 4yrs.

This is news we should all be following closely. Why isn’t someone screaming this from the mountain tops – or at least the corn fields. Maybe someone should shout it through the amber waves of {disappearing} grain. Why isn’t this in the news everyday?

Our neighbors are dying to tell us something, perhaps we should listen…bees, birds, fish…


2 thoughts on “Birds and Bees

  1. Hey Mel, Christopher Stasheff theorized that radiowaves are also why no one ever sees the folk of faerie anymore, the cold iron thing, and phone lines and cables crisscrossing the world. Apparently this happens with bees every now and then. Caitie is studying it in her environmental tech shop, but it’s happening more now. (anyway…I just had to share)

  2. I knew there was a logical explanation for the disappearing faerie! It only makes sense. So, Caitie is learning about this in school? Are her teachers concerned? Is she going to start keeping bees?

    Someone at work told me that you can RENT bees here…seriously!

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