My Day Off

11:57pm (so technically part of yesterday) Cell phone rings. A number not stored in my contacts. Reasonably sure it’s S1 (a complete story for another day). Ignore.

11:58pm Cell phone beeps; voicemail that I have no intention of listening to.

12:00am Cell phone rings. Same number. Ignore.

12:01am Cell phone beeps; voicemail I have no intention of listening to. Really? Now I am awake!

3:45am finally back to sleep.

6:00am phone alarm. Overslept. Everyone up. No writing this morning. 😦

Set cell phone to send S1’s calls directly to voicemail without ringing.

IPH to school, English paper drama.

CRJ to store and landlord drama.

Phone conversation: Mother/sister drama.

Quick lunch; leftovers.

English paper drama, pt 2, to be continued to Monday. Awesome.

Banking, bills, shopping.

Phone conversation: try to explain to 84yr old mother how to send a call directly to voicemail without ringing. Epic fail.

Pick up IPH from school. Impending GF drama.

Power nap.

Tea and bullet point blog because that’s what I am up to.